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Smokey Eyes from 16 - 60

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Achieving a smoky eye however is often a daunting task for even the most experienced amateur make-up enthusiasts. Here with advice on nailing the smoky eye, whether you're a trendy teen or a glamorous gran is make-up guru, Lisa O'Connor.

Key looks from the Autumn/Winter have graduated from catwalk to high street, from fashion, to hair and of course, to make-up. Midnight smoky eyes were a major feature of many shows this season from Michael Kors to Prada, Bottega Veneta to Zac Posen with Karl Lagerfeld leading the way with a new 'oil slick' take on the smoky eye.

Lisa O'Connor- Make-up artist supreme!
Since 1992 Lisa O Connor has worked as a makeup artist with most of the top prestigious cosmetics companies. In 1997 when M.A.C first arrived in Dublin she began her 7 year career working as makeup artist and manager. While working with M.A.C Lisa developed her makeup artist skills as well as working on exciting projects from the MTV awards to The Late Late Supermodel Shows.

In July 2004 Lisa decided to move on and start a freelance career under the name The Beauty Source. During this time she specialized in Bridal, Fashion and photographic makeup.
She also works regularly in television both working behind the scenes and in front of camera. She created looks for RTEs "You're a Star", "Charity You're a star" and "The All Ireland talent show" to mention but a few. She has appeared as a beauty contributor on both "Off the rails" and "The Afternoon show".
She has built up a regular clientele including the Seoige sisters, Amanda Brunker and Michelle Heaton and also worked on international celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Carrie Fisher and Anna Friel.

Lisa has been creating looks for all the Peter Mark advertising campaigns.

Lisa has recently launched her exclusive makeup line "War Paint" which is available to purchase at her makeup parties and at her online shop -

Models:- Brid (60), Corrina (32), Aisling (nearly 16!)

Model 1:- Aishling (15)

Celebrity reference - Hilary Duff

The smoky eye is a technique as opposed to a specific colour. To achieve this you need to blend the eye shadow extremely well- once you think you've blended enough, blend some more! There are no hard lines in a smoky eye. Essentially you shouldn't be able to see where one shadow starts and another one finishes.
The traditional smoky eye style is probably the one that best suits a teenage eye. The joy of having no lines or creases to contend with!
You have a black or grey kohl pencil smudged around the eye. A similar colour shadow is applied on top.

Tip:- Edge the eye with a soft brown shadow. This gives a more blended look.
Key product:- A good quality black kohl pencil.

Model 2:- Corrina (32)

Celebrity Reference - Rachel Weisz

To create a smoky eye suitable for a lady in her 30's it might be best to avoid the previous dramatic black look and opt for something slightly more subtle.
Apply a medium to deep brown shadow to the eye socket and under the eye. Apply a frosted shadow to the lid to make the eyes appear bigger.

Tip: Apply a white liner to the inner eye. This adds definition to the eye.
Key product:- A palette of neutral eye shadows, browns, beiges, nudes, charcoals

Model 3:- Brid (60)

Celebrity Reference - Jessica Lange

Contrary to popular opinion, ladies in their 60's can, in fact, carry off a smoky eye, albeit a much more subtle option than the bold drama of the teenage smoky eye.

The key is to apply softer browns to the socket and under eye. Apply gradually, preferably building up the shadow as opposed to using a heavily pigmented shadow.

Tip:- Avoid using frosted shadows as they tend to show up any lines around the eyes.
Key Product:- Eye shadow blending brushes.

Smoky eyes are not confined to browns and blacks, but other more interesting colours can be added also. For a touch of midnight glam opt for plums or rich deep forest greens. Charcoal greys can add an extra smoulder as can a small touch of shimmer or sparkle added to the lid.

When wearing a smoky eye, most make-up artists will advise you to keep the lips nude. This is generally the rule, but everyone is different and if you find the nude lip doesn't work for you, a subtle hue on the lips might make you more alive.

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information
. The key product for Aishling is "Smolder" khol pencil from, €17, MAC
. The key product for Corrina is the "Union Square" palette of browns, €4.59 from NYC
. The key products for Brid are some great blender brushes:-
139 stiff tapered crease brush, €15, War Paint
124 Firm shadow brush, €15, War Paint