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4 ingredients with Kim and Rachael!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Kim and Rachael came on our show in April and they were such a hit, they're back again! They are writing their second book which is due out next year.

Kim and Rachael
Our names are Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham and we have miraculously co-authored a book that has gone on to become Australia's bestselling book of 2007 and 2008 called "4 Ingredients."

In March 2007, we went to market with 2,000 copies that we wrote simply because we needed. We self published, self funded and self marketed the book (mainly due to the fact no publisher would talk to us - in fact most hung up on us!) and have since gone on to print more than 1.4 million copies!!!!

But believe me when we say, we are completely stunned!

We have just launched our 2nd book '4 Ingredients 2' which coincided with the premier of our very own TV Show on Cable TV (which is possibly even MORE miraculous & terrifying!!!)

The user friendly cookbook full of quick, easy and delicious recipes all made with 4 or fewer ingredients that would save them time and money in the kitchen without compromising flavour.

When the Mums coerced their husbands, children, friends, family, neighbours and anyone else they could grab to taste test over 340 recipes that they put together for their fantastic cookbook '4 ingredients' they didn't know in its first year it would be awarded the Bestselling book of 2007 in Australia (second only to Harry Potter), OR that it would morph into a sequel 4 Ingredients 2 which in its 8 weeks on the shelf has sold over 450,000 copies OR that they would go onto be wooed by TV production companies vying to make a series based on their clever concept, OR that they would be launching their little self published book in the UK ... But that's EXACTLY what has happened!!

If you are a busy person, are on a tight budget, have moved out of home, are fine tuning your culinary skills, going camping, are on the move and haven't a lot of room for a full pantry, or you simply haven't had time to do the groceries, then this is the book for you!!

Profile on Kim McCosker
Kim McCosker was born and raised in Stanthorpe until moving to Mundubbera, Queensland a fantastic little town where many of her wonderful family and friends still lives.

Schooled on the Gold Coast, Kim completed a degree in International Finance, majoring in Japanese in 1998. Kim trained with MLC as a Financial Planner completing her Diploma in Financial Planning through Deakin University in 2000.

Kim's natural ease with people, her ability to communicate effortlessly and her relaxed confidence served her extremely well as a successful financial adviser and later as the Queensland State Manager of MLC Private Client Services. Kim then contracted from home 'Paraplanning,' someone who writes financial plans, to a dynamic Brisbane based financial planning company.

It was during this phase of her life, that 4 Ingredients was bought into a reality.Kim had had the idea, but it was at the insistence of her life long friend Rachael Bermingham they write the book... And so over a couple of red wines, began the wonderful rollercoaster ride 4 Ingredients would go on to become!

Taking a year to compile and cook, 4 Ingredients was launched into the Australian market on 14 March 2007! From an initial print run of 2,000 that was deemed "over-ambitious in a market saturated with cookbooks" Kim and Rachael went on to orchestrate what the book trade refers to as "Absolutely Phenomenal" ie, a book that ended 2007 as one of the biggest selling books, across all genres, in both Australia and New Zealand! And as Kim says, "No-one was more surprised than us!"

The most rewarding of everything accomplished to date has been the birth of her three precious little boys Morgan 6, Hamilton 3 and baby Flynn. For Kim, family is most important and carries the greatest priority of all she does! Renovations to properties were done with the children playing in the yard, recipes tested with them mixing and stirring, books written around their sleep-times and trips made only when her wonderfully, supportive husband Glen could be home for them.

Profile on Rachael Bermingham
Rachael Bermingham was born in Stanthorpe on the Darling Downs before moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in primary school.

A born entrepreneur Rachael opened her first business, a hair salon, at age 19 before selling it for a profit and moving into other exciting careers including diving, shark feeding and travel. Her passion for helping others to succeed then began to emerge in the form of authoring books and becoming a motivational speaker.

Rachael has a talent for growing businesses from home using low cost marketing strategies around family commitments, time management and effective goal setting strategies. This has lead to her becoming a popular trainer and mentor to women in six countries, as well as one of Australia's most inspiring keynote speakers.

A devoted and energetic mum, Rachael co-wrote and self-published her first book, Read My Lips, a motivational book for women, while breastfeeding her son Jaxson, and co-wrote her second book, 4 Ingredients, during his sleep times. Rachael's third book, again co-written and self-published, 4 Ingredients 2, will be released in September 2008. Rachael also successfully co-manages three businesses - 4 Ingredients, Read My Lips, and the Sunshine Coast Speakers Bureau from her home office.

Fun-loving and a real go getter Rachael lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. When she's not working on new books or her many business interests, Rachael can be found enjoying what she loves most - relaxing at home with her husband Paul (a house renovator) and gorgeous son Jaxson who is 3; and soaking up the spectacular sun, surf and sand of the beautiful Sunshine Coast with her fabulous group of fun loving friends and family.
Update on how the girls have been getting on since their last appearance:

Their TV show has been sold into 10 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!! Their show is now in Australia, NZ, UK, Poland, Hungry, Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia, Romania and the Ukraine with MORE in the pipeline

4 Ingredients have now put out a range of cookware

Tangy cheese balls

. 125g cream cheese
. ¼ cup (25g) blue cheese, finely crumbled
. 2 tbs orange zest
. 100g mixed nuts, finely chopped

1. Combine cream cheese, blue cheese( add more if desired) and orange zest.
2. Form into small balls and roll in nutes.
3. Chill for an hour, or until firm and serve


. 4 flour tortilla
. 4 tbs tahini
. 200g mozzarella, grated
. 4 tsp mixed herbs

On tortillas, smear tahini and season with sea salt and pepper.
2. Sprinkle on mozzarella and mixed herbs.
3. Fold tortilla in half and gently press.
4. Place in 150C preheated oven and when cooked, cut into wedges and serve
5. Optional serve with salsa as a dipping sauce

Minted Lamb balls

. 500g minced lamb
. 2 tsp curry powder
. 6-8 stems mint, chopped

1. Mix all ingredients together and roll into bite sized balls and fry in a non stick frying pan until crunchy on the outside (this means they are cooked on the inside)

Salsa recipe from the book
. 1 large ripe avocado
. ½ vine ripened tomato, diced
. ½ red onion, finely chopped
. 3 tbs chopped coriander

2. Mash avocado (reserving seed) add remaining ingredients and mix well.
3. Place the seed back into the dip to help prevent discolouration and refrigerate until needed.

Antipasto Tart

Makes 12 and are scrumptious

. 2 sheets puff pastry
. 250g antipasto mix
. 3 eggs
. 320g sour cream

1. Use a large cup to cut 12 rounds from your pastry sheets.
2. Line a non stick muffin tray with the rounds.
3. Divide the antipasto mix between each
4. Lightly whisk eggs, add sour cream, season with sea salt and pepper.
5. Pour over tarts and bake in a 180c oven for 20 minutes

Salsa patties

. 750g lean mince
. 1/3 cup 90g salsa (you can use store bought pre made salsa)
. 22 crushed ritz crackers
. 2 tbs olive oil

1. Combine mince, salsa and crackers. Roll into 6 patties.
2. Heat frying pan, add oil and brown patties on both sides before serving