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Buying & selling your clothes online

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

We set Annmarie a challenge to buy three outfits for €100 (including P &P) Let's see how she got on.

With many of us tightening our belts, we are now seeking creative ways to make a few bob. One great way to put some extra cash in your purse is to sell clothes that you've had in your wardrobe for ages but haven't worn. We are also looking for ways to get items we desire without paying the full price for them - and this can all be done online through auction sites!

AnnMarie O'Connor-Stylist & fashion blogger:-
According to her website -
"I've been a style writer for more years than is fashionable to mention. Suffice to say I have worked with the likes of The Irish Examiner, RTE, Dazed and Confused, Elle, Trace, Image, IF, The Dubliner, The Irish Independent, Prudence, and interviewing designers, chasing trends, styling, profiling and lying about my spiralling shoe habit. My mantra - burn the tracksuit honey and learn to walk in a pair of damn heels. Life's too short not to look tall and fabulous. Mwah! Lovin' your work. Xxx"
Annmarie is a freelance fashion writer, blogger and personal stylist. Her credits include The Irish Examiner, Elle, Dazed and Confused, Image, Trace, IF, The Irish Independent, and
Over the past 8 years she has interviewed the likes of Terry de Havilland, Zandra Rhodes and Ben de Lisi, and has gained a cult following with her blog: I Blog Fashion which is being made into a book. She is also the organiser of the monthly Fashion Bloggers' Brunch events in Dublin.
Models:- Kristi, Jeannine & Julie

The 5 steps to Selling online are as follows:-

1. Register as a seller on an online auction site.
This can be a tedious process but once you're registered and have an account, you don't need to do it again. There are lots of auction sites to choose from, such as:-

2. Decide what to sell.
Clothes? Sell only gently used items or ideally still with the tags on. Items that are soiled or damaged generally won't sell.

3. Upload a few good quality photos of your item.
Tips:- Use a white background, plenty of light, photograph both front and back & the tag or box if either designer or brand new.

4. Create a Winning Listing.
Don't just write "Black blazer". Your 'Kate Moss sequin blazer - size 8' listing should include size and measurements - waist, sleeve and shoulder.
Make sure your spelling is correct! It's Calvin Klein, not Kline!

5. Give your listing a fair/low price to attract bidders & Sit back and wait!
Tip:- Post out items promptly and in the condition promised when they sell. Offer great service and buyers will leave you positive feedback - encouraging others to buy from you in the future. Use PayPal to get your money quickly and securely.

The 5 steps to Buying online are as follows:-

1.Check out the seller's details.
- Some auction sites list helpful feedback reviews from previous customers on a 'meet the seller' list.

2. Make sure delivery and returns policies are reasonable and definitive.
- An item with a shipping date exceeding 20 days after payment could be fraudulent.

3. Address the 'address' issue.
- Solicit the seller's contact information for post-sale follow up. Be wary of sellers who decline or those who request payment to an address other than that of the auction.

4. Beware of 'shills' - where bogus bidders are used to provoke a bidding war and illegally drive up the price of an item.
-If the bid price of an item grossly exceeds that of its RRP, it could be a scam.

5. Use a trusted third party payment service like PayPal where your credit card details are protected.
- Use an online escrow service for big ticket items - i.e. a go-between which holds your money until you receive and approve of the seller's item.

Final tips:- When to Get the Best Bargains!

. Dec 26th. Unwanted Christmas gifts - too big, too small, too demure, too avant-garde...or soap-on-a-rope.
. Jan 2nd. Closet cleaning - the easiest New Year's resolution to keep.
. Seasonal changes. Buy when there is less demand - sandals in autumn/winter; coats in spring/summer. New Year or bikini diets generally see progress at this time as people flog old clobber for new.
We come out of the VT to find our three models in situ on the runway. Presenter and Stylist either standing or sitting on high stools next to runway.
Annmarie has been given €100 with which to shop online. She was given the task of dressing our three models with this money.

Outfit 1:- Kristi:-
Silver slouchy sequin jacket, €20 plus €10 p+p
White unconditional tee tank, €2 plus €2 p+p.

Outfit 2:- Jeannine:-
Black wiggle dress €21.50 incl p+p (brand new with tags)
100% silk scarf, €3.99, brand new

Outfit 3:- Julie
Sequin mini dress €26.50 incl. p+p (brand new with tags)

Annmarie's shopping experience:-
"I got outbid by 'sniper bids' on a few choice items including a Frank Usher vintage evening dress and a 100% silk Ella Luna dress.
Sniper bids are last minute bids placed by bidders. They will watch the item until the minute before the auction ends and place their winning bid at the last minute.

Where the Buy It Now price is low on an item, check out the seller's page. Often they can be reselling warehouse stock which isn't of the best quality. I made that mistake on one dress. Looked great online - got it home and looks a bit cheap.

Looking for something quick? Input your keyword - black dress - and click on 'items ending soonest'. You'll see which auctions are about to end and can bid accordingly.

Don't be exposed as being too eager. If someone outbids you, wait until the last few hours of the auction before rebidding. When multiple bids are seen on an item, it drives up the perceived value -as seemingly everyone wants it - which can cause a bidding war."

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information
Items were sourced from online auction sites. Although the exact same may not be found again, this is simply a sample of what's on offer.