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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Liam Mc Kenna will be giving his top five programmes we should watch this week!

Liam Mc Kenna
Liam McKenna began his career at 19 years old when he won the Irish version of Popstars, and became a member of the band Six. After 2 years with the band he moved to Los Angeles and starred in a pilot TV series, and had a small role in the Tom Cruise movie 'Collateral'. In 2005 he moved back to Ireland and began presenting on the daily entertainment show TTV. In 2006 he became the presenter of 2 shows on the Sky Digital channel Bubble Hits, Also since 2006 he has assisted Louis Walsh with his acts on The X Factor.

Tonight / Thursday

Masterchef: The Professionals Tonight / Thursday 8.00pm BBC2

I love Masterchef, and I'm addicted to cooking programmes. I think I'm learning loads from them, but then I never cook so I don't know why its such an obsession. The Finale of Masterchef will see the contestants attempt a Michelin standard course for over 30 world renowned chefs, which takes place in Browns Hotel in the heart of Mayfair, which happens to be next door to the hotel I stay in for the duration of X Factor, so I might just drop in and taste some of them myself.

In Thursday's ninety-minute finale the final three chefs face the toughest challenge of their career.
In Browns Hotel in the heart of Mayfair the finalists are tested like they've never been tested before when they must prepare a Michelin standard course each for over thirty world-renowned and critically acclaimed chefs.
They must cook for thirty of the best chefs in Europe who between them hold over forty Michelin stars and include Michel's father, the legendary Albert Roux, Anton Mosimann OBE, who had two Michelin stars awarded him by the age of 28, as well as three former Michelin inspectors.
To add to this the contestants must cook Michel Roux Jnr's own complex and technical recipes to precise Michelin standard under the watchful eye of Michel himself, and between them produce over ninety exceptional plates of food.
After six weeks of cooking at the highest level, the final three have shown they have the talent, precision and focus to stand out in their industry.
The chefs must impress Michel and Gregg one last time when back at MasterChef HQ once more, they must cook the best most sublime three course meal of their career in just two hours.
Everything comes down to the last challenge: the final cook off, when afterwards only one chef can be crowned MasterChef: The Professionals champion 2009.

The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands Tonight/Thursday 9.00pm Channel 4

I've seen the previews for this programme and it looks fascinating. This woman has served a jail sentence for bigamy and was recently on trial for the same offence. It was her own decision to appear in this documentary, but the story she tells appears to be full of lies and half-truths. She says she has no respect for marriage, yet she continues to marry men who seem oblivious to her past. It seems she has a much deeper problem, with pathological lying.

Brief Description
Emily Horne, 30, has been married five times but she never bothered to get divorced. In her wake she's left a string of confused husbands and lovers. She's worked in the porn industry and as an "escort", she's served one jail sentence for bigamy and was recently on trial again for the same offence. But behind the lurid headlines is a darker tale of mental illness, addiction and neglect. Emily says she wants to be in a film in order to present the truth about herself. But does she? Can we trust the testimony of a woman who has been lying all of her adult life? Her version of the truth is wildly at odds with others who appear in the film.

Saturday / Sunday

The X Factor, Saturday and Sunday, 8pm, UTV

You shouldn't miss the X Factor, because its the best show in the history of television. LOL. X Factor - Firstly the hate campaign by some in the British media, and alot of Irish media was totally out of order. The twins were portrayed badly on the audition shows, but people shouldnt have made up their mind about them based on the few minutes of footage they had seen. Ive worked with the twins for 3 weeks now, and they are actaully really nice guys. All of the other contestants love them, and ive never met 2 people who work so hard. They are the first ones at rehearsals and the last to leave. All of the production crew love them, as they are so polite and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. The british public are starting to like them now as well, which has been proven by the voting, they havent been in the bottom 2 yet.

This week is Big Band week. The twins are singing Ricky Martin, Living La Vida Loca. They know they arent the worlds greatest singers, but they are entertaining.

Celeb guests this week are Westlife, who will perform together for the first time in over 18 months, and Michael Buble...

If you want little bits of backstage gossip we have plenty!

I think Joe McElderry could potentially win, as he is the most consistent so far, and has a huge fan base.


Brides Of Franc, Tuesday, 7pm Rte1

This popular series follows six individual weddings, each one organized by professional wedding planner Peter Kelly (aka 'Franc').
Not every Bride in Ireland will have the budget of these Brides, but for anyone planning a wedding this show is unmissable as you can get ideas and try to recreate them within your own budget. I have several friends and family members getting married this year and i know that they are all anticipating the return of this series so they can start copying ideas. This is a repeat series so if you missed it next time round then here's a chance to get all the wedding planners tips.


The Queen (Movie) Weds, 9.35pm Rte1

I watched this movie for the first time on a flight to LA, and I didn't think I would enjoy it, but i became engrossed in it because Helen Mirren's portrayal of the queen is unmissable and even if you are not a fan of the royals it is intriguing to see behind the scenes around the time of Diana's death. Even though people think she was really cold at the time ignoring her people etc, you could see the other side that she was trying to protect the boys (William and Harry) from media glare. The queen herself has given this movie the thumbs up, and whilst she pointed out that there were some factual inaccuracies, she has said that it did sum up her feelings at the time.

In the wake of a national tragedy, the prime minister and royal family find themselves quietly at odds. The initial reluctance of Buckingham Palace to mourn Diana is seen by the public as a sign of cool emotional distance. But Tony Blair, perceiving a potential public-relations disaster in the making, takes it upon himself to persuade Queen Elizabeth to pay tribute to the dead princess - something that goes against the taciturn queen's usual instincts.