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Halloween Costumes!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Halloween is coming up on Saturday week!

Kathryn McKiernan - RTE Children's TV presenter on "Kazoo".

Kathryn Mc Kiernan has been presenting THE DEN for over four years now. Currently presenting the daily show KAZOO, additional on-screen credits include 'SATTITUDE'; 'THE CLUB'; 'THE LOFT'; 'CLASSIC JAM' and 'JAM THE MUSICAL'. She will be appearing in 'ROBBIN HOOD' pantomime at the Olympia Theatre over the Christmas period.
An actress, musician and singer, Kathryn also has a degree in Journalism & Visual Media.
Music and Drama both play a big role in her life. She plays the piano, guitar, tin-whistle, flute and violin. She has been very lucky to perform in lots of theatres around Ireland and abroad and sings everything from pop to classical to musical theatre to folk to trad.
Kathryn is 23 years old and comes from Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.
Our models today are:-
Claude (2 1/2 ), Amy (5), Katie (6 ½ ), Mickey (7), Aoife (8) and Owen (9)

Why do kids dress up?
According to:-
"Halloween Costumes: On Halloween night children would dress up in scary costumes and go house to house. 'Help the Halloween Party' and 'Trick or Treat' were the cries to be heard at each door. This tradition of wearing costumes also dates back to Celtic times. On the special night when the living and the dead were at their closest the Celtic Druids would dress up in elaborate costumes to disguise themselves as spirits and devils in case they encountered other devils and spirits during the night. By disguising they hoped that they would be able to avoid being carried away at the end of the night. This explains why witches, goblins and ghosts remain the most popular choices for the costumes".

1. Dunking for apples:-
Dunking for apples we have brother and sister, Amy & Mickey.

According to :-

"The Roman festival for remembering the dead was also in October. During this time, the Romans remembered their goddess, Pomona. She was the goddess of the trees and fruits, and when the Romans came to Britain, they began to hold these two festivals on the same day as Samhain. Apple games probably became associated with Halloween because of this. We play the game bobbing for apples, in which apples are placed in a tub or a large basin of water. The contestants, sometimes blindfolded, must take one bite from one of the apples without using their hands. It is not permitted to edge the apple to the side of the bowl to get hold of it."

Amy- age 5- is wearing:-
Pumpkin costume with loot bucket, €9.99, Aldi

This is a great little costume for the little ones- with a great shape and quirky little hat to finish off the look. It comes with a little loot bucked (a bit on the small side but good for the little ones!) and at a good price point.

Mickey - age 7- is wearing:-
Face paint kit, €5.00, Heatons
Skeleton Costume, €6.99, Lidl
Bat Machete, €9.00, Heatons

Mickey's face is painted with scary face paint from Heatons new Partymór section. His skeleton costume is fairly thin, so you might want to wear something warm underneath but at just €6.99 it's a great price from Lidl. His Very scary "bat machete" is made of foam but still looks the part and is sure to scare all the neighbours!

2. Pinata:-
Hoping to crack the piñata and get lots of sweets are Katie and Owen

According to:-

"The history of the pinata goes back a long time. One of the most popular Mexican traditions is breaking open a pinata. Today, pinatas have become common at many birthday parties and Christmas celebrations around the world. A pinata is a figure that is usually shaped like an animal. The pinata is made up of material such as paper mache, thin clay, or some other easily breakable composition.

A pinata is filled with small toys, fruits, and candy. Then the pinata is tied from a tree or suspended in some way. Participants, usually children, are blindfolded. Then they are given a stick to use to swing at the pinata. Each one tries to break the pinata open by hitting it with the stick. Often, traditional songs are sung as each person attempts to hit the pinata."

Pinata, €13, M&S

Katie -age 6- is wearing:-
Fairy witch, €13, M&S
Hat, €6.50, M&S
Loot bag, €4.50
Tights, €2.50, Tesco

Katie loves to look pretty, even on Halloween! Her fairy witch costume is sure to impress rather than scare the neighbours, although if her very wobbly front tooth falls out before Halloween, she'll really look the part. This is the most expensive costume as the dress and hat are sold separately but the quality is that bit better so it will most likely last more than one year.

Owen -age 9- s wearing:-
Pirate Skeleton Costume, €13, M&S
Glow in the dark Loot Bucket, €3.50, Heatons

Owen's outfit is great value from M&S as all the bits n' pieces come as part of the costume for €13. The skeleton underneath adds to the scariness of it all and Owen is hoping to frighten his friends and neighbours when he goes Trick or treatin' on Saturday week. His loot bucket from Heatons glows in the dark and is definitely big enough for a large haul of sweets and nuts!

3. Snap apple:-
Aoife and Claude will be trying to take crocodile sized bites out of the apple hanging on a string!
According to:-

"Snap Apple: After the visits to the neighbours the Halloween games begin, the most popular of which is Snap Apple. An apple is suspended from a string and children are blindfolded. The first child to get a decent bite of the apple gets to keep their prize."

Aoife -age 8- is wearing:-
Posh witch costume, €11.50, Tesco
Tights, €2.50, Tesco
Loot Bucket, €3.50, Heatons

Aoife is most definitely a posh witch with her fairy witch costume from Tesco. Again, great value as all the bits n' bobs are included for the €11.50- Hat, wand and cat. Her loot bucket and tights were extra but Aoife will have lots of room for all the treats her neighbours will have for her!.

Claude -age 2 ½ -is wearing:-
Dracula Costume, €8.50, Tesco
Loot bucket, €0.79, Tesco

Claude is our youngest trickor treater dressed as Dracula with a very smart little bow-tie and butterfly shirt!
Brilliant value from Tesco here and really handy for the little ones as it's comfy and there's not too much hassle with the costume.