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Breast Cancer

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

We speak to Jessie Griffith who overcame breast cancer on two occasions. She is a wife and mother, and we will also be speaking to her husband, Dick, to get the male/partner perspective on dealing with breast cancer.

Jessie Griffith was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2001 and had to undergo a partial mastectomy followed by long bouts of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Jessie was in St Luke's Hospital in Dublin for six weeks as there was no radiation treatment in Limerick at the time. Jessie was diagnosed with breast cancer again in 2005 (in the other breast) and had to have a bilateral mastectomy. However things went from bad to worse when she was diagnosed for the second time.

Jessie has made a full recovery again and is now in remission from the cancer, and she is back working full time as a nurse in Inisgile Residence, Parteen, Limerick.

Following her surgery in St John's (after her first diagnosis) Jessie, decided that she would keep a promise she made before going under the knife, that if she survived the cancer which had grown in her body, she would begin fundraising for cancer services.

Jessie says that in 2002, at a fund raising dinner dance, which now has become an annual event, she has raised €43,000, which has gone towards cancer care in St John's and in St Luke's Hospital. She says that life is very good and she makes sure that she makes the most out of life now.