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One Man and His Anteater

Friday, 16 October 2009

Karl Fitzgerald, Anteater Enthusiast
Senda the Anteater


How long have you had Senda?
I've had her for six months.

What kind of care and attention does she need?
She needs a lot of care and attention; she's a bit of a diva to be honest. She sees me as her mother so always stays close to me. She sleeps with our dog sometimes and is actually very similar to a dog in her manner.

How do your kids feel about having an anteater in the house?
They love her. I've always had exotic animals and they're used to having strange pets in the house. In the past we've had reptiles and monkeys too.

What does she eat?
She eats lots of different food. She eats yoghurts, bananas, mealworms, locusts and really likes spaghetti Bolognese.

How big will she get?
She'll end up the size of a Yorkshire terrier, not a whole lot bigger than she is now. I'm not too sure exactly what their life span is.