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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Baz Ashmawy, Ireland's Sexiest Man of 2009
The hilariously humourous, half Egyptian Irish comedian/presenter/actor Baz Ashmawy is an accomplished and truly exciting talent on the Irish Entertainment scene. He is best known over the past four years for presenting the hugely popular and wildly energetic, hit cult travel comedy series "How low can you go?" for RTE2.

After proving to be a popular addition with his guest presenter appearance on RTE 1's "No Frontiers" last year, he will this season present their independent travel section of the show.

Baz increased his popularity when he appeared in the very popular RTE1 Entertainment series Celebrity Banisteoir, where he managed a GAA Team, displaying a serious and soft side to his character, seldom revealed.
No stranger to radio, Baz regularly presents on 2FM's Gerry Ryan show as well as being a regular pundit on Newstalk's Orla Barry show.

He has also displayed his unique comedic timing on a variety of other RTE radio programmes such as Ryan Tubridy and Derek Mooney, as well as Spin FM and Today FM.
Although having strong experiences with classical theatre and Shakespeare it's probably his love of improvisation that has given him the accolades as an excellent comedic actor and has provided featured parts in TV show's such as RTE2's own award winning sketch show "Stew".

Word on the comedy stand up circuit is that the wide eyed Dubliner should be making an appearance on the UK and Irish stages very, very this space!!!!
He has previously appeared in the short film "The Feast" directed by the award winning director Donnica O'Breen as well as playing Fortinbras from Marowitz's "Hamlet" in the Focus Theatre.

He also stared as George in Brian Di Salvo's well received interpretation of Thornton Wilders classic "Our Town" which was be The first play to open in Mill Theatrein Dundrum.

His new show Baz's Culture Clash is currently running on RTE2.


Ryan Confidential, Tonight/Thursday 10.15pm RTE1

The first show I'm recommending is Ryan confidential which is on RTE tonight 10:15. This is the second episode in the series. Thing I love about Gerry is that there are very few chat shows or interviews on tv where you walk away actually learning anything of substance about the star being interviewed. because most of the time these stars are just plugging a book or a new movie they have coming out but Gerry actually has very intimate chats with them. {god that makes it sound like he's sitting in bed with them having pillow talk} tonight he meets sir rodger moore. Who's the man!!! I grew up on 80's bond movie and old twitchy eyebrows was one of my favorites'. And this is a really interesting interview where he talks about how he was spotted by the flamboyant Irish director Brian desmond hurst or the empress of Ireland as he was known. Hurst loved him, he paid for his fees to RADA and cast him in his first movie!
Wasn't long before Moore was under contract in Hollywood, where he played opposite such sexy screen legends as Lana Turner and Elizabeth Taylor, wouldn't yah love that! His next big break came when he was cast as the suave rogue, Simon Templar, in The Saint , which I loved. He was all young and cool and suave. I loved him in it. He was the nuts- then which went on to become the longest running TV series on UK television. And then he went on to become the legendary bond for 12 years. He also chats about all his work as unicef ambassador, his four marriages.hard been 007 ther's always more fish in the bond.good luck in the cup! Great chat


The Way We Worked, Tomorrow/Friday 8.30pm RTE1

This is a brand new series and to be honest it like an economic history lesson told by the people who lived in those times. looks so interesting and this first episode Is just fascinating but very sad.
Industrialisation and emigration dramatically changed society and life in Ireland where once the family farm was the core economic unit but that all changed. This new series explores some of these changes through the eyes of some of the men who lived and worked through those dramatic times. I really like it because it a bit of a wake up call to what people went through back then and it's very well produced.
In the first episode we hear from the men who started work deep in the mines at the age of 14 which Insane by our standards. Their stories are of backbreaking work, dangers and horrific accidents, but also camaraderie and the irish pride they had in their work. I'll be honest these stories are heartbreaking but this was life and it really gives you a sense of the time and was necessary to survive in Ireland then.
There was a story about Seamus Walsh from, Co Kilkenny, when he was 13, and remembers when his 15-year-old friend Ned Kelly died.
Peter McNiff grew up on a mountain farm near Arigna, Co Leitrim. When his father fell ill, the children had to work in the coal mine.
Joe McEnery worked in the Ballingarry mine, Co Tipperary from he was 14 until it closed in 1973. Joe's lungs are now ravaged by the damage from the coal dust.
It all sounds very glum but it's not it a great show and addictive telly and in hard times like we're having now it really gives a sense of trivial reality to what we're going through now in comparison to generations before us. It's great I highly recommend it,


Who do you think you are, Monday 9.35pm RTE1

I just love this series. Again it's just so interesting and I love seeing the shock on these peoples faces as they find out their family history. I wouldn't do it for all the money on earth. I'd be terrified to find out what my familys been up to..not a chance but it's an amazing fun to be allowed swing out of the braches of their family trees. It's a very simple but clever idea for a series and I think it works really well.
True Dub Simon Delaney explores the authenticity of his city roots. Now he's a real dub, A Dub, a whole Dub, and nothing but a Dub - the true blue actor nervously begins unravelling his city roots, afraid they might lead somewhere shocking. Why did his Great-Grandmother, who hated "drink & culchies", end up marrying a barman from Laois?
Simon's detective work takes him all the way to Missouri, and all the way back to the Guinness Brewery in the heart of his beloved Dublin. But as he tries to get to the source of his Dublin blood, he ends up in a very unexpected place ...
It's a great episode


Dating in the Dark, Wednesday 9.00pm Living TV

Usually I'd rather pull my teeth out than watch living tv but this series is great dating tv. You just have to see it.
Basically they get three guys and three girls and put them into this big fancy house where they separate the girls from the guys. The only time the men meet the girls is when they put them all in a pitch dark room and they all the viewers see everything through this state of the art infa red and night vision cameras. As the show goes on people pair of with the partners they fancy. And some times there lots of flirting and it even gets hot and there's kissing and the like and they seem to be getting on great because we're not that shallow. Personality is really important, that it's not all about looks is it???.....yeah right it's not. It's hilarious!!! I always thought looks didn't matter as much to women as it did to men.oh how wrong was i? I just think it's complete chewing gum tv and it very watchable and very entertaining. The People are so shallow it's brilliant!!!! You hear them say things like.I want my sight back I don't trust my personality to find a good looking man! and it's nice to chat to a guy who isn't staring at my boobs for a change! Or What if I fall in love with her and she turns out to be ugly? Shallow shallow shallow people!!!!

True Blood, Wednesday 10.00pm C4

Mature vampire drama from the creator of Six Feet Under, which follows a telepathic barmaid called Sookie who is bored by life until she meets Bill Compton - a mysterious 173-year-old vampire. This isn't buffy the vampire. It's a bit racey but it's a huge series in the states and I can see why I think it's going to be a big hit here too.

Baz Ashmawy