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Gardening, Giving Summer Boxes and Baskets a Winter Makeover

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Our viewers only have to look out of their windows to their tired and withered boxes and baskets!

Eugene Higgins, Hunky Horticulturist

I was born into Horticulture in a plant nursery/garden centre in north Co Dublin started in 1940 by my grandfather, so my excuse is, "that it's in my blood". On leaving school I worked in various Dublin radio stations and spent my spare time working in the family run garden centre, this soon reversed after spending an intervening number of years in Australia.

Over the last 12 years I have been combining Horticulture and media work.

In 1999 I returned to retailing opening Colour Green Garden Centre in Malahide Dublin, which won "Best Specialist Garden Centre 2002-Ireland". In 2004 we subsequently moved the business to Tullamore, Co Offaly, where we have a lot more space around us and have concentrated on developing our Colour Green Landscaping Services. Our highlight to date was, being commissioned last year by the Afternoon Show to restore a nursing home's spectacular Japanese garden that had run into serious disrepair (Carrigoran Nursing Home, Co Clare)

Hanging Basket One
Solanum, €4.95
Buxus, €6.95
Cyclamen, €9.95

Hanging Basket Two
Buxus, €6.95
Lemon Scented Thyme, €3.95
Carex, €8.50

Window Box One
Primulas, €6.95
Pansys, €3.95
Ivy, €4.95
Conifer, €2.95

Window Box Two
Buxus, €6.95
Violas, €3.95
Heather, €3.95
Conifer , €2.95

Eugenes top tips for keeping your boxes and baskets looking great through Winter

. Check the soil when replanting. It could be over watered on under watered. There are ways to check this;
. The soil will feel like a sponge when squeezed if it has been over watered.
. If the soil is coming away from the side of the pot or all comes out in one then it has been under watered. If the soil looks like any of the above then it needs to be replaced.

. Check roots of plants that you are thinking of leaving in the pots. Make sure they're healthy.

. Research the pot you're placing your plants in. Terracotta looks great but dries out very quickly so ensure plants are watered regularly. Also ensure that you drill holes into the bottom of plastic pots for drainage.

Plants on todays show are from Blackbanks Garden Centre, Raheny, Co Dublin 01 8327047

For more information on Eugene Higgins please visit,

Eugene Higgins