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Retro Beauty Secrets with Suzanne Walsh - Face Masks!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Suzanne is going to demonstrate how the women of the 1940s kept their skin aglow when rations were enforced in Ireland with two homemade face masks.

Women are not spending like they used to when it comes to beauty products. Recession - busting beauty tips have been hot-topics lately and with this in mind we decided to look back to when times were really tight during the forties. We want to see what secret beauty tips they used back then and if they could still be used today.

Suzanne Walsh- Retro Beauty Queen

2008 and 2009 has seen Suzanne's well respected and trusted role in the Beauty industry flourish with regular TV and personal appearances keeping her very much in demand.

Suzanne Walsh previously worked in the UK operating her own hair & beauty salon. She worked as a beauty therapist for Channel 4,s reality TV series, The Salon appearing in both the first and second series, which attracted up to 3.6 million viewers. Suzanne is credited with being the viewer's choice when the public was given the opportunity to vote a member of staff from the first series back into the second series.

During 2005, in conjunction with her sister, Suzanne established a thriving beauty business in Ireland which is regularly featured in the media for its unique and excellent client care and professionalism. They added another salon called 'Pure Beauty' in Prosperous in 2007.

Suzanne has coupled her knowledge in the beauty industry with excellent writing skills to become a well respected Beauty Journalist writing for The Irish Independent, Evening Herald and various magazines.

No stranger to TV, Suzanne recently took part in RTE 1s Celebrity Jigs N Reels and is the resident beauty specialist on 'The Afternoon Show' and has appeared on TV3 am, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook as well as on At the Races for the Cheltenham Festival and Sky Sports. Suzanne featured several times on The Marianne Finnucane Show on RTE Radio 1.

Famous clients of hers have included Boy George, Coronation Street's Julie Goodyear, d'side, Kerry Mc Fadden, Bridget Nielson, Frankie Dettori, Tony McCoy, Amanda Brunker and many more.

A fun-loving character, Suzanne oozes down-to-earth charm mixed with a sense of knowing her own mind. Suzanne enjoys travel, outdoor activities, golf and also admits a passion for horses, horseracing and all things equestrian having been introduced to the scene through her family at a very young age.

Suzanne's Qualifications

B.T.E.C National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Health & Fitness
IIHHT in Aromatherapy.
IIHHT in Reflexology.
NUI MAYNOOTH Certificate in Teacher Training & Continuing

Suzanne recently completed her NUI Maynooth Teacher Training Diploma to ensure her deliverance of classes are of the highest standard. Suzanne's enthusiasm for working with teenagers and vivacious personality coupled with her professional qualifications & Celebrity Beautician status make her the ideal candidate to present Beauty Day Camps.

Suzanne is currently studying at IPA Institute of Public Management for a BA Hons Degree in Public Management, she loves to keep fit, loves walking and kick boxing.

Models: Lisa (22) & Michelle (22)

Some background info on 1940s beauty.

As Ireland wasn't directly involved in the war, rations here weren't as strict as they were in the North of Ireland, in the UK or in the USA. Things like milk and eggs were quite plentiful whereas even these were rationed in the north (at times eggs were rationed to one a week!)

Some of the most Iconic movie stars in history came from the 1940s, when times were tight and beauty products were hard to come by. Think Vivien Leigh, Heddy Lemarr, Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers and Lauren Bacall. All icons of the movie industry to this day.

Most women though, didn't have the major film studios to provide them with the tools to make themselves look a million dollars, yet they still aspired to achieving the standards of beauty that these stars set.

Ladies became particularly inventive during the 40s, using gravy browning in place of nylon stockings when these became scarce- can you imagine the smell?!
As stockings were limited, ladies also used to draw lines up the back of their legs to make it look as though they were wearing stockings.

Many ladies were prepared to scrimp on their food rations in order to swap with family members etc to get their quota of supplies to be able to keep up appearances.
One of the major things that women did at home was maintain their skin with items from the pantry. Today we look at some simple home - made treatments to have your skin glowing this winter.

Model 1- Lisa Walsh:

Suzanne will open up Lisa's pores with a hot face cloth before applying cleanser or scrub.

Suzanne will demonstrate how to make your own hot towels with hot water and face cloths. Lisa will hold towel to her face, opening up her pores while Suzanne mixes up the scrub.

Suzanne's Forties Facial scrub:

. Oatmeal (porridge) and milk.
. Porridge for its soothing properties and also the friction effect of the oats.
. Milk for its lactic acid properties which dissolve dead skin cells and smoothes out the surface of the skin.

Suzanne will apply the mask in the correct fashion to Lisa's face.

Model 2:- Michelle Lynch

Michelle will be demonstrating Suzanne's face masks at work. Suzanne will demo mixing up two masks one for dry skin and one for oily skin.

The oily mask has been applied to Aisling's t-zone and the nourishing mask everywhere else.

Mask 1: Oily Skins:
Baking soda (absorbs excess oils), water (helps hydrate oil rich but water dry skin) and egg white whisked up till frothy (egg white tightens pores and inhibits bacterial growth great for skin breakouts).

Another tip for oily skin is to use Milk of Magnesia as an oil inhibiter. It really should only be used if you have very oily skin and if there is a lot of shine. Simply dab a little on the oily area and pop your oil free moisturiser on top.

Mask 2:- Dry skins:
Honey (moisturising, soothing and repairing properties), egg yolk (high in Vit A great for reducing wrinkles) and porridge (healing and soothing)

Most of the items used in today's feature will be found in any household kitchen.