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Peter Corry

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Peter Corry
. He was always heavily involved in amateur musicals and starred in Grease to name but a few.
. His first big break came in 1992 when he won a talent contest called Go For It.
. His first professional job was the opera Cosi Fan Tutte as Guglielmo.
. He has appeared in The West End in Les Miserable as Inspector Javert.
. He starred in 'Night of 1,000 Stars' at the Royal Albert Hall.
. He was Figaro in The Marriage of Figar.
. His dream would be to perform in Broadway.
. He has performed all over the world in Holland, Belgium, Poland, Las Vegas and the UK.
. He had his own TV series The Peter Corry Show on BBC NI where he and with a host of international celebrities.
. He came third on RTE's Jigs 'n Reels.
. He has released 10 albums.
. Peter sang at the funeral of George Best at Stormont Castle in Belfast.
. In 2008 Peter toured Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Holland.
. In March 2009 he performed at Croke Park to over 82,000 people before the Ireland England six nations rugby.
. He is currently directing a comedy/musical called "I love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!" which will be staged in Belfast this October.
. This March - 2010, Peter will star as Andrew in the first European Tour of "On Eagles Wing". A musical telling the story of Scots/Irish coming to America.
. He is also due to perform in Ireland, Italy, China.
. In December he will appear in a Christmas spectacular at the Ulster Transport Museum Belfast.

Peter Corry Interview

Were you always interested in singing?
I was always brought up with music. At about 16 years of age in school I started singing in a rock group. From that I progressed into singing and I played a brass instrument as well.
I was also involved in amateur dramatics - Grease, South Pacific and Carousal.

You won a talent contest - what was the prize and did this make you become a professional performer?
Some friends told me to enter it and they phoned up the BBC and got me a number in order to apply. I was 24 at the time. The prize was a piece of crystal and a cheque. But really what happened from that was an agent from London called me and said she wanted to represent me. I then went over to London for auditions. That's how my professional career started.

Do you write your own music?
I don't write my own music. I am a workaholic. I try to work at what I am good at. I am pretty good at producing and directing but writing music and songs isn't something that I feel I can do.
I love to sing everything. I have an eclectic mix I like to listen to. To me good music is good music and that is what I like to sing.

What has been the favourite part you have played?
My favourite show is Les Miserable. I was in the West End and The Point with that. That went on for 3 years.

How do you balance work and your family life?
It's not easy sometimes it generally works at 6-8 months a year. I see the children when I can but they know its Dad's job.

You performed on Jigs 'n Reels - why did you decide to donate your money to Maire Keating Foundation (October is Breast Cancer Month). Did Irish dancing come naturally for you?
My Mom had a bit of a scare with Breast Cancer the year before and I suppose you can chose so many charities but for personal reasons I wanted to give to the Maire Keating foundation because of my mother.

The dancing itself never came naturally to me. I just remembered how scary it was on live TV dancing and it was out of my comfort zone. Even in shows I wasn't the dancer doing the routines I was either singing or standing still.

You had your own Show - The Peter Corry Show- who did you enjoy most performing with?
That was a long time ago. The first act I had on was Boyzone who had just appeared on The Late Late Show a few weeks before for the first time. The news at the weekend about Stephen was so so so sad. It was terrible.

What singers do you admire?
Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. I love Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. Someone like Michael Bubble and Josh Grogan are all amazing too.

You took part in a singing contest - what do you think of shows like the X-factor?
I think when I did it - it was much more of an innocent time to be in a show like this. I think the likes of The X Factor - it's so big and it seems to consume everything. When you vote - you are not just voting for the programme you are voting about the goings on behind the scenes. I find the whole concept very strange.

How do you prepare before a performance?
I try to rest my voice - if I can I won't talk for a few hours. I try to take it easy and relax but I also do vocal warm ups.

Future plans?
I will be in The Helix this Saturday - I try to make it an evening of good music but I always think it's important to talk to the audience instead of just singing at them. This time round I will be singing some old songs and some new material as well.

I am producing and directing a big spectacular Christmas show in December. It's called The Music Box Extravaganza. It's from the 15th-19th of December. It's the type of show that Ireland maybe doesn't have and there is room for it.

In January it's Sweeney Todd, and March I'm in Holland touring On Eagles Wing.

Peter Corry