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Consumer Panel - Sparkling Water

Monday, 12 October 2009

What will we be testing today?
Sparkling mineral waters

The Panel

Stephanie Hogan
Liz Wycherley
Niamh Craven
Jayne Homan

Each panelist has been asked to give their marks out of five taking the following points into consideration.

. Mineral Content
. How sparkling is it?
. Taste
. Presentation and Packaging - what was it like?
. Price and value for money
. Marks out of 5


. Ballygowan - Pure Irish Sparkling Water - 2ltrs - €1.99
. Mark and Spencer - Sparkling Irish Natural Mineral Water - 1.5litres - €0.45 cent
. Lidl - Sparkling Carbonated Natural Mineral Water - 1.5litres - 6 at €0.59cent
. San Pellegrino - Sparkling Natural Mineral Water -1litre - €1.69

Mark and Spencer - Sparkling Irish Natural Mineral Water - 1.5litres €0.45 cent
Sodium - 18mg/litre
Magnesium - 21mg/litre
Calcium - 78mg/litre
Chloride 18mg/litre
Sulphate - 23mg/litre
Nitrate - <0.2mg/litre
Bicarbonate - 296mg/litre
Potassium 2mg/litre
pH at source 7

Ballygowan -Pure Irish Sparkling Water - 2ltrs €1.99
Sodium - 15mg/ litre
Magnesium - 16mg/ltr
Calcium - 114mg/litre
Chloride 28mg/litre
Sulphate - 15mg /litre
Nitrate - 9mg/litre
Bicarbonate - 400mg/litre
Potassium 3mg/litre
pH at source 7.2

Lidl - Sparkling Carbonated Natural Mineral Water - 1.5litres - €0.59
Sodium - 13.8mg / litre - low
Magnesium - 2.9mg/ltr
Calcium - 28.0mg/litre
Chloride 33.0mg/litre
Sulphate - 40.8mg /litre
Nitrate <0.5mg/litre
Potassium - not listed
pH at source - not listed

San Pellegrino- Sparkling Natural Mineral Water - 1litre - €1.69
Sodium - 34 mg/ litre
Magnesium - 52mg/ltr
Calcium - 179.0mg/litre
Chloride 55.0mg/litre
Sulphate - 445mg /litre
Nitrate - not listed
Bicarbonate - 239mg / litre
Potassium - not listed
pH at source 7.7


Water is the most important liquid in the world. Without water, there would be no life, at least not the way we know it. This source of life makes up about three quarters of the human body.

There are over 3300 brands of mineral water from more than 130 countries all over the world listed and rated on the site

Where does water come from?
Some 70% of the earth is covered with water. But nearly all is unavailable for human consumption without being processed first. The oceans make up for 97% and the polar ice shields hold another 2%. Only about 1% is soft water from lakes, rives and underground sources, but even from that tiny amount an increasing part is unsafe for human consumption.

All over the world, water is one of the most popular drinks. Its popularity with consumers increased over the last couple of years dramatically. This led to an explosion of available brands. So, keep on exploring the world of water, as it is the best drink for you.
Mineral water has a lot more calcium carbonate in it like e.g. Perrier - it's sourced from a spring (not volanic)

Spring waters have little or no mineral content - e.g. Volvic - water comes from volcanic or limestone rock.
Bottled water - free of anything - ground water carbonated.
Some experts say that 99.9% of our minerals come from our food intake and only a trace is derived from mineral/spring waters, so they may have very little impact on mineral health.

Most health authorities say you should drink between 1.8 and 2ltrs of water or liquids a day for hydration.