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"ZEST" - Irish Hospice Foundation

Friday, 9 October 2009

Zest is a cook book that features 186 recipes from over 60 leading Irish restaurants and well known chefs including Kevin Dundon, Richard Corrigan, Paul Rankin, Derry Clarke and Kevin Thornton. The money raised by the sale of the book will go to the Irish Hospice Foundation. By buying this book, everyone can become a hospice champion.

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day takes place worldwide on October 10th.

Paolo Tullio - Celebrated restaurant critic and former chef who was the culinary advisor for the Irish Hospice Foundation cook book Zest! Paolo will speak about his involvement in the book and encourage people to buy it.

Eugene Murray - CEO of the Irish Hospice Foundation. Eugene is here to tell us about progress in the past year in the development of hospice services in Ireland and the continuing need for public support in the development of services.

Eugene Murray IHF:

Where did the idea of a cookbook to help raise funds for the Irish Hospice Foundation come from?

We have a long tradition of publishing "ZEST" follows the Whoseday Book (2000); Art:pack (2001), Peter & the Wolf (2003) and LifeStory (2007).
Which were all very successful in helping us raise funds for the Irish Hospice Foundation.
One of our board members Vivienne Jupp (who's Mother passed away and received amazing care hospice care she wanted to do something to make sure that everyone could receive similar care) had heard about a book called "Taste of San franciso" which featured recipes from all the top restaurants in the city and she thought this would be a great idea for us to do.

Paolo got involved to give us some guidance and his expert advice.


"As we get older we realise that there may be a time when we will have to rely on the services that the IHF provide and this is an important thing that everyone should be able to avail of.

How many people were involved?

There was so many people involved who gave up their time and services for free, including some of your own regular chefs (Richard Corrigan; Derry Clarke; Kevin Dundon), lots of other professionals also gave up there time, including graphics designers, photographers, people who typed up the book for us and we are so thankfully to them all. They turned our idea into what you see her today. (The lady who designed the graphics and cover is a young Mum of two and worked at night for free for night)

How much is the book hoping to raise for the hospice foundation?

We hope to raise a couple of hundred thousand. We have printed 20,000 copies all the money from the book goes directly to the Irish Hospice Foundation.
You can buy the book from most book shops (the shops get a small cut).
You can also go directly to website and follow the link to purchase the book

Hospice care for children in Ireland?

The current adult services do provide some services for children that are dying and there are some services in Children Hospitals. What we are hoping to do is to try and fund the development of Irish Paediatric Palliative Care Consultant in the Country to provide support to children who are dying. We are also trying to provide 8 out reach nurses who will provide care and support for the 13,000 families that are caring for dying children in their homes. We are hoping to start recruiting for these Nurses in the next few months. We already have 2 nurses already in providing care in North and South Dublin.

Being World Hospice Day tomorrow, what message are you trying to get our there?

We want to give a voice to everybody who is at the end of life so that they get the appropriate care and support they need.

1. Zest! can be bought from leading bookstores and participating restaurants
2. It can also be purchased online on or by phoning 01-8611580.

Info on Zest!
. Published in Ireland
. It features 186 recipes from over 60 leading Irish restaurants and well known chefs including Kevin Dundon, Richard Corrigan, Paul Rankin, Derry Clarke and Kevin Thornton

. Zest! is a showcase for the most talented chefs working in Ireland today.

. Each restaurant has provided a starter, main course and dessert recipe accompanied by photographs

. People will find something new to try out or interesting to experiment with every week for years to come.

. The chefs have taken time in choosing the right recipes for Zest! Which makes this book a must-have for anyone in Ireland who considers themselves to be knowledgeable in culinary affairs.

. The book has recipes for everyone - it meets all skill sets

. Zest! brings people on a gourmet tour of Ireland for a recession proof €20.00 per book

. The cost of the book means that people are only paying about 10 cents per recipe

. It was sponsored by Avonmore and Investec


. Over the past year, the Health Service Executive (HSE) launched a framework document which outlined the steps that need to be taken to ensure that everyone in Ireland has equal access to palliative care services. It identifies nine new in-patient units (hospices) which will be located in Blanchardstown, Castlebar, Cavan, Drogheda, Kilkenny, Tralee, Tullamore, Waterford and Wicklow.

. The IHF and the HSE continued to collaborate on a palliative care for all project which aims to ensure that people with all life-limiting illnesses have access to hospice care - 95% of hospice users today have cancer

. The IHF continued to fund a night nursing service for people who are dying at home with an illness other than cancer - there are plans to include a night sitter/care attendant as part of the development of this service.

. The IHF continued to lobby for recognition of the specific needs of carers of people with life limiting illness - it launched a dedicated website ( last June with valuable advice, information and support for family carers.
. The IHF believes that palliative care can be improved within the reconfiguration process that is currently underway within the health services. This means no new money would be required to bring about improvements.

. Fundraising events such as the sale of the cook book Zest are vital to ensure that the IHF is able to meet its funding commitments into the future.

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

. It takes place on Saturday, October 10th

. It started in 2005 and is held every year in October

. Thousands of people in around 80 countries will be singing, dancing, reciting poetry, speaking, listening and watching at more than 1,000 events tomorrow.

. This year's World Hospice and Palliative Care Day theme is 'Discovering your voice', highlighting the voices of those affected by life-limiting illnesses around the world.

. Over the years high profile individuals such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bono, Sir Elton John, Dame Judi Dench and Gabriel Byrne have leant their support to the campaign.

. This year, former Irish President Mary Robinson has issued a statement in support of the day

. World Hospice and Palliative Care has been developed by the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (a network of national hospice and palliative care organisations) and other global partners. The Irish Hospice Foundation is part of the alliance.

Palliative care in Ireland

. Almost 30,000 people die annually in Ireland
. More than 70% of people die outside their own homes of which 40% die in busy acute hospitals
. Over 6,000 people use hospice services every year - 95% of people who use the service have cancer.
. It is estimated that up to 13,000 patients will require access to hospice and specialist palliative care in 2016.
. The number requiring hospice services will increase because of the growth in population - particularly in the over-65 age group - and new life-prolonging treatments