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How to reflect your inner beauty with Bharti Vyas

Thursday, 8 October 2009

How to awaken your inner beauty and reflect it on the outside with holistic beauty guru Bharti Vyas.
Bharti's mantra down through the years has always been "Beauty on the outside begins on the inside"- Today she will echo that with a holistic face, hand and foot treatment.

The Afternoon Show viewers are always interested in how to look better and more importantly feel better about themselves. Bharti is in town for a talk on "Winter Skin Tips" in Dublin on Friday (tomorrow). This is in association with Tesco, for which Bharti has developed the "Skin Wisdom" range of skincare products.

Bharti Vyas, Holistic beauty therapist:-

A beauty therapist for over 25 years, Bharti has always believed that it is everyone's right to look and feel their very best, which is why she adheres to her simple philosophy "beauty on the outside begins on the inside". It is this down-to-earth approach that has earned her such a favourable reputation with her clients and the media alike.
Bharti was single-handedly responsible for introducing the concept of holistic beauty into the UK. Her unique therapies have been developed from her own rich, cultural experiences gained from her extensive travels around the world. As a child in Kenya she was brought up on a combination of traditional remedies and ancient eastern philosophies that had been passed down through the generations. More recently she has sought to understand these philosophies by undertaking training in ayurveda, auricular therapy, acupuncture, magnet therapy and over the past two decades she has demonstrated how easy it is to take control of our health and well being by tuning in and listening to our bodies.

Bharti is renowned for introducing therapies which bridge East and West. Her unique treatments combine hands-on therapy, which work from the inside alongside the latest technology, which she uses as tools to help treat and correct the skin from the outside and she travels back to India every year to update her ayurvedic knowledge and practice.

In 1997, Bharti developed her own top-to-toe, Ultimate Therapy System. Her point of difference lay with her practical, hands on therapeutic application techniques based on her 25 years experience. Bharti integrated her salon, home and lifestyle therapy system to create 'The BVM' (Bharti Vyas Method), which is employed in beauty salons nationally.
Bharti has published six books on holistic beauty practices. Her second book "Beauty Wisdom", from which the Skin Wisdom range derives its name, made her a household name. Her fourth book, entitled "Simply Ayurveda", was published in September 2000 and sold over 2,000 copies within the first week.

More recent publications include "Fabulous Face" which was launched in 2002 and "Massage in a Box", launched in 2003. And on the 7th of April 2005, Bharti's latest book "Tips for Beauty Wisdom" was launched at the Vitality Show in Olympia, London.

She owns two beauty salons in London W1 where she practices on a regular basis and today, The Bharti Vyas Centre is a family affair.

Her client list includes many famous people, including Cher, Belinda Carlisle, Mariah Carey, Ralf Fiennes, and Julia Carling, as well as international dignitaries and even royalty. In March this year, Bharti took over the beauty rooms at the Mayfair based Salon of celebrity hair stylist Daniel Galvin.

Model:- Justyna Hammon
Justyna is 27 years old and mum of 3 month old David. Justyna would describe her skin as being combination but has noticed that since the birth of her little boy it has become more oily and congested. She had heard that pregnancy worked wonders for your skin but now she's not so sure! Justyna normally uses LaRoche Posay products on her skin and has no allergies.

Bharti believes that for general wellbeing you must listen to what your body tells you. So if, for instance your skin is dry, it's because you're body is parched and your skin is reflecting this. If you get a breakout it's most likely your body saying "Listen to me!!"

Face: Justyna's recent pregnancy has meant a huge change to the chemical balance of her skin. Her newborn baby, although absolutely wonderful, also brings an element of stress to her life. Bharti beleives that by spending a few moments on herself during the day, Justyna can reduce the stagnation in her skin that is causing the congestion and balance the gland activity that is making it oily.
Bharti recommends performing your face treatment in the evening when you have a few moments to yourself.
Bharti then recommends that in the morning, you don't use moisturizer on oily skin but that you simply use a cleansing wipe to clear out the pores before you go about your day.

Hands: Like the face, it is one area which really shows the signs of ageing. The importance of using a hand cream in the evening to help rejuvenate and delay the ageing process and the manner in which hands are treated is very important. There are essential pressure points on the hands for both relieving stress and for assisting the body to cleanse itself appropriately, thus helping your skin.

Feet: Our feet take on a lot during the day, so at night when you apply moisturiser it can help keep the souls supple and reduce tired and puffy feet.

Bharti says to look out for products that contain Rhodiola, green tea, pomegranate and Co-enzyme CQ10 as these are the most beneficial.

This is in association with Tesco, for which Bharti has developed the "Skin Wisdom" range of skincare products.