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Consumer Panel - Fast drying Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

We have a consumer panel; some new faces and some that we've met before, to test out the nail polishes.

Meet our consumer panel!

1. Victoria Doyle

2. Liz Wycherley

3. Niamh Craven

4. Jayne Homan

And to polish it all off, we have Nail Technician Maria Jacques, from Nail's Inc in Debenhams - She's nailed it!

Each panelist has been asked to give their marks out of five taking the following points into consideration.

. Fast dry - how fast 4/50/60 seconds or longer?
. Coats - 2 or 1 to get a good colour
. Brush - did it cover the whole nail in one brush? How many times did you have to use brush to cover each nail?
. Did it have a nice consistency?
. Was it difficult to clean the polish off afterwards, did it stain your nails?
. Presentation - what was the packaging like? Would you buy it?
. Price and value for money
. Marks out of 5 (no half points please! Thanks)


. Bourjois - 1 second to apply, 60" - Grey Glitter - €7.99 - 8mls
. Rimmel - 60" - 630 Be a Star - €5.29 - 8mls
. 17 - Fast Finish - 60" - Baked Cherry - 4.29 - 8mls
. Maybelline - 40" Express Finish - Violet Doux - €5.99 10mls

Prices vary depending on the shop, but these were bought in Boots. The cheaper polishes may chip faster as the

None of the luxury end polishes (that I came across) have the fast-drying claim. They aim more for the non-chip, long-lasting claim.

According to Maria Jacques, our Nail Technician and Manager of Nails Inc. Salon in Debenhams, Henry Street, the stronger the pigment, the longer it takes to dry. So richer ingredients take longer to dry than weaker cheaper ones. But the good thing is richer nail varnishes usually are more flexible/elastic so they bend rather than chip when doing housework etc so they last longer on the nail.

If you can get away with one coat of a dark polish it will dry quicker than 2, no matter what colour it is. With some cheaper nail varnishes you have to apply 2 or 3 coats to achieve the look of the colour viewed in the bottle.

Top coats can help nails to dry quicker, strangely enough. Undercoats will provide protection for the nail (& can strengthen nails too) and help prevent discolouration and staining.

A woman should get a manicure every 3-4 weeks to help keep her nails in good condition. Massaging a cuticle oil or cream into the cuticles helps stimulate the nail to grow and remain strong, moist & flexible.

The Results are: (All out of 20)
1st Place - 15 points - 17
2nd Place - 14 points - Bourjois
3rd Place - 13 points - Rimmel
3rd Place - 13 points - Maybelline

We will chat with the four panelists about what they thought of each of the nail polishes. And at the end we will tell the viewers the results starting with last place going to first.


. This Polish was a bit thicker so took a little longer to dry - and longer than 60 seconds.
. This Polish only need one coat because of thickness if two coats were applied for a darker colour you would need to leave plenty of time in between coats so polish would not smudge.
. Consistency - I found it quite thick. But very smooth all the same. (Found it difficult enough to put on with brush even though this style of brush is meant to be easier to apply.)
. Came in a beautiful bottle - very elegant. Yes I would buy this polish after being on for two days only the very top of nail had the polish come off. Would catch my eye if I walked in looking for Nail Polishes!!
. Pricey at €7.99 but this for a high quality nail polish would be worth it.
. Difficult to take off - Same as above because it was a dark colour, it needed a little extra remover and an undercoat needed to protect nail from discolouring.
. 4 out of 5, I think people are willing to spend a little extra for a good varnish for nails to look good.

. Dry within the 60seconds
. Needed 2 good thick coats to achieve a nice thick elegant colour
. Good nail coverage from the brush, used the brush twice for each nail
. Very patchy on application it definitely needed a couple of layers for full coverage
. Cleaned off well enough but because you needed a few layers of the polish it didn't come off immediately
. I liked the bottle and the brush it was nice and big and the handle was comfortable for painting your nails
. No I wouldn't buy it after testing it I prefer a easier application with a nicer outcome than this gave
. I felt €7.99 was expensive for this polish as it didn't appeal to me colour or consistency
. 2 out of 5, as it chipped quite easily not long after I had applied it

. It took ages before it was completely smudge free dry. About 3-4 minutes really
. Needs at least 2 coats
. Very good, only took one stroke to achieve even coverage
. Did it have a nice consistency? The consistency was nice, was smooth and wouldn't lump, but the colour after only one coat wasn't even
. Was it difficult to clean the polish off afterwards, did it stain your nails? With remover came off fine
. Had a different shape to other varnishes so it would catch your eye
. Most expensive one and pricey at €8, took ages to dry and needed more than one coat, but was easy to apply and had a nice finish so wasn't great value
. 3 out of 5

. Brush is very big - difficult not to go outside the nail bed.
. Okay coverage but required two coats. Two sweeps covered the nail as the brush was bigger than other brands.
. Very nice consistency. Lasted well, dried very quickly, very impressed.
. Not difficult to take off, no staining afterwards. Nice sheen off it - lasted well.
. Nice bottle - tall brush. Would definitely buy this again.
. At the expensive end of the market but worth it.
. 5 out of 5


. As with previous I always leave it a little longer than what it says because they do smudge.
. This one only needed one - maybe because it was a dark colour! But it was a good quality nail polish so I think one is perfect.
. Lovely and smooth - found it hard to fault this polish.
. Eye catching packaging again says on bottle it dries in 60 seconds so that would appeal to people.
. Very well priced at €5.29 - very good value
. Difficult to take off - This one was easier than first two to take off and also as it was a dark enough colour came off in one wipe
. 5 out of 5, because after two days on it had not started to chip, nice looking bottle and great value.

. Dry with the 60 seconds
. If you wanted a light colour, 1 application is enough but if you wanted it to look deep 2 would be needed
. Needed to use the brush 3 times to cover the entire nail to my satisfaction
. Cleaned off OK
. The packaging is fine very average. I would buy it
. €5.29 is a good price as I would use this as an everyday polish
. 3 out of 5 - again this polish chipped easily as well, but I did get a few hours wear of it before it chipped

. Took about 2 minutes to be touch dry, but as long as 4 to be completely smudge proof or even longer
. It went on even for the first coat, could maybe get away with just one, but two would be recommended
. About 3 strokes are needed
. Doesn't have a completely smooth finish
. Was fine to clean off, kind of clung to the sides of your nail, but it was a bright colour so you'd notice more
. Pretty basic bottle.
. Doesn't have the best finish and takes ages to dry so not the best value
. 2 out of 5

. Dried in less than a minute. Easy to scrape off colour with the fingernail when dried. Not impressed after going to the effort to put it on.
. Covered the whole nail with one brush.
. One coat adequate as quite thick consistency. Difficult to get off afterwards.
. Need a lot of polish remover - liable to stain nails.
. Packaging eye catching - bottle easy to read and know what you are getting. Would buy this brand if there was a particular colour that I liked or needed.
. Very good value for money
. 3 out of 5, due to the fact that it smudges easily and hard to take off.


. This Polish dried the quickest, but again would leave a little longer than it says on bottle to avoid smudging.
. Quite a light colour so would need to just to brighten up but even at one lovely colour.
. Lovely and smooth consistency and it felt light.
. It's not a round bottle like most others so I kind of thought it was a bit dated, only a personal opinion though.
. This polish was excellent value because it had 10mls others only 8mls so getting a little extra for nearly the cheapest varnish. After two days, only the very top had started to disappear.
. Came off in one swipe, no problems.
. 4 out of 5, as it was great value for money and stayed on nails.

. Dried very well and quick within the 40 seconds with one application but if you applied a few layers it did not dry under 40 seconds and it became quite smudgy
. It was very pale and to achieve a colour I liked it needed about 3 applications and then it started to look caked on
. The brush gave a full nail coverage with one stroke but again to achieve a colour it needed 3
. Cleaned off well with just one application but not so great or fast with the caked on effect!
. Packaging fine I like to look of the bottle but it was a little big. I would buy it as it's Maybelline and heavily advertised and then be disappointed with the produce.
. €5.99 is a good price
. 2 out of 5

. Extremely quick to dry!
. It's a light colour so only 1 coast needed but the one coat gives a even and strong finish. A second coat makes it less smooth
. Went on in one stroke
. Quite a smooth even finish
. Easy to remove but was also a light colour so wouldn't really stain
. Price and value for money- although it's €5.99, it is also bigger than the others. It's quick drying and easy to apply so good value
. 5 out of 5

. Took ages to dry - more that 60 seconds.
. Very thin consistency and colour very week.
. Dried into a dull, non-descript colour. Boring!
. Need two or three coats to achieve the colour in the bottle, my least favourite.
. Packaging attractive. Like the silver brush handle and big writing on bottle but overall, very disappointing.
. Waste of money 2 out of 5


. It did dry fast, but I always leave Nail Polish a little longer than it says on the tin as if your doing anything with hands at all it will smudge..small thing like putting hand in handbag for example.
. This nail polish only needed one coat.
. How many times did you have to use brush to cover each nail? - Had to use brush about twice to cover nail.
. Had a lovely silky feel while putting on and went on very smoothly.
. This particular colour was a Cherry Red and with all dark colours you need to use extra nail polish remover - and use a clear undercoat to protect nail from staining!
. Packaging and would you buy it? - Lovely clear bottle so you could see exactly the colour you were buying but unfortunately it had started to chip next day and had only put it on evening before! So for that reason would not buy it..
. At €4.29 very good price but because it had chipped so quickly no I don't think it was good value for money
. 2 out of 5 - what is the point in paying that money when it chipped so fast?

. Dried on application practically very impressed with this
. I application was enough for a good even colour of nail
. One brush per nail and your polish was on quite evenly
. Cleaned off well but you needed to put some pressure to the cotton wool for full removal
. Packaging fine if a bit plain. I probably wouldn't buy it because of the colour, it looks a bit childish or something but now I've tried it out I would buy it but if I was looking for a polish I wouldn't look at this one
. €4.29 would make you think it was a bit cheap and wouldn't be any good, but it was surprisingly.
. 4 out of 5

. Pretty quick, took about a minute to dry
. Only one coat was needed for the colour to be vibrant and even, but more a bolder look a second coat would be needed
. The brush was small or annoying to get the varnish from the bottle onto it and to use but actually only 1-2 strokes were needed
. It went on really even and didn't lump on the second coat
. It wasn't difficult to take off
. Very small, and kind of cheap looking, simple design
. This was the cheapest one, but gave a nice finish and dried quickly
. 4 out of 5

. Very impressed with this make. Never would have bought this brand as feel it's aimed at the teenager market.
. Beautiful colour, nice consistency, one coat sufficient, dried extremely fast.
. One brush did the whole nail. Very long lasting.
. Did the wash-up too with no gloves and it didn't chip! Would most certainly consider this brand in future.
. Excellent value for money
. 5 out of 5