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Monday, 28 September 2009

Jarlath Regan:

Jarlath Regan is a 28 year old Irish comedian. He's a little over six feet tall, has brown hair and brown eyes with a little black dot in the middle of each.

During a period as an advertising account executive he became disillusioned and decided to try his hand at comedy. After winning a place in the final of the BBC and Channel 4 new comedy awards he began gigging around Ireland in small bars, pubs, community halls and hay barns. After a while he was asked to support people like Ardal O'Hanlon and David O'Doherty.

Then through a stroke of good fortune he was asked to appear along side an all-star cast of Irish comedians at the inaugural Montreal Just For Laughs Irish Comedy Gala. A television producer saw the gala and six months later the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland decided to fund a television documentary about his journey to the Edinburgh festival with his first solo show. "Nobody Knows Jarlath Regan" (TV3) was a three part series which saw Jarlath interview some of his comedy heroes and apply their advice to his daily experience of the Fringe.

In the past year he has appeared regularly on Ireland's version of Mock The Week - The Panel. He recently completed an illustrated book of his twisted greeting card collection which is due for release by Transworld Ireland for Random House in September 2009. In January he made a little bit of history by becoming the first comedian to record a live album in Dublin's Comedy Cellar - the venue that gave birth to Dara O'Brian, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran.

Baz's Culture Clash Tonight 10.30pm on RTE2

What Jarlath will say
"One of the most intimidating men in RTE, Baz Ashmawy, said he'd make my life a misery if I didn't recommend his show. I've never seen it but I like life and therefore I recommend watching his show this Monday. But seriously, it is a great show...

Brief Description of the programme
Baz travels around Ireland in search of the supernatural. In programme three, Baz enters the world of the supernatural. In a seemingly haunted shopping centre in Carlow one of the production crew collapses after being overtaken by a strange presence.
In Donegal Baz finds video evidence of UFO activity. And in a secret Wican ritual Baz is put under hypnosis and brought back to meet his Egyptian fore-fathers.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tomorrow/Tuesday 11.05pm C4

What Jarlath will say
"This is not a recommendation of what to watch, this is a recommendation of what to steer clear of. I am sending out the warning now. This the worst thing on TV this week. I challenge anyone out there to watch this for ten minutes without having the urge to put your foot the screen.

Brief Description of the programme
The series follows five of the most affluent Jersey Girls as they live lavish lifestyles and deal with all the drama that money can buy. While family remains a priority for each of these women, their shopping, decorating, dating and even fighting are all over-the-top.

Episode 5
Dina, Caroline and Teresa head to Atlantic City for a girls' weekend of gambling, shopping and spa treatments. After bikini shopping and an argument with her husband about "the bigger the better," Teresa struggles with the idea of getting plastic surgery. The relationship drama continues as Danielle breaks up with her boyfriend and turns to her children for support. Meanwhile, Jacqueline invites Danielle out for a friendly birthday lunch and the claws come out erupting in a major catfight.

Off The Rails Wednesday 8.00pm RTE1

Off the Rails is back to herald in the new season of fashion and beauty. In a specially extended item, presenters Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon give us the low-down on this season's top trends. From the catwalk to the high street, they'll tell you what's hot this Autumn/Winter.

Our young mum makeover candidate wasn't always a butcher in Tescos. Deirdre McCarthy stepped down from a management post to spend more time with her son, and freely admits that fashion passed her by. Sonya shows her how to inject life, colour and youth to her drab wardrobe with jaw-dropping results!

Also on the programme - fine and thinning hair is not just a male problem and with many women suffering from the condition we look at some of the causes and cures both clinical and cosmetic.

Emmerdale Thursday 7.00pm UTV

What Jarlath will say
This is a programme I grew up with. Back in the day it was called Emmerdale farm and Amos was the star of the show. To say things have moved on is an understatement.

Brief Description of Emmerdale Storyline
Debbie's (Charley Webb) shock arrival at the church throws the wedding into absolute turmoil. How will Michael (Jamie Belman) react to the news that his clandestine lover is in fact the daughter of his fiancée? Will Debbie reveal the details of Charity's (Emma Atkins) sordid past to her groom in waiting? And after such a long break from their tumultuous relationship, how will Cain (Jeff Hordley) feel about Charity's unexpected reappearance? As guests wait to hear whether or not the wedding has been called off, Charity is convinced Debbie has deliberately tried to sabotage her nuptials. Will the wedding go ahead or will Debbie get her man?

The Man Who Lives with Bears Friday 8.00pm RTE2

What Jarlath will say
The extreme show of the week is TMWLWB. What is t with people wanting to live with dangerous animals? How many times are we going to see this attempted only for it to result in some horrible mauling? Not enough times for it to ever stop being funny.

Brief Description
Featuring some of the most intimate footage of wild bears ever seen, this remarkable documentary follows one mans secret relationship with both Black and Grizzly bears in the Alaskan wilderness, as he attempts to prove that man and wild bear can live alongside each other in harmony.