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Crimping - is it making a comeback??

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Crimping is one of the hairstyles that can be done to make a complete hairstyle or can be done on selected section of your hair. Crimping can be done only on fringe, top part or even just some of the ends of your hair to give a bit of variety to your hairstyle.

For the best results your hair should be oil free, so start by washing it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Crimpers can dry out your hair so give it a good spritz with a heat-protection spray to avoid damage. Then blow dry your hair in sections, starting from the bottom, until it is completely dry.

Step One: Begin by sectioning off the hair you want to crimp. Give the section a spray of REDKIN SPRAY STARCH €16 (remember the stuck you used to starch shirts before ironing its kind of like that same effect) Using a comb, take a section of your hair the width of your crimpers and clip the rest up and out of the way.

Step Two: Using your comb again, separate out a piece of hair approximately half an inch in thickness and pin the rest of the section up. Give the section to be crimped a light spray with a good quality hairspray. Keep the hair taut and pulled downwards.

Step Three: Clamp the hair with the crimper at the root and hold for a couple of seconds then release. If you don't want it too full start about and Inch and a half away from the roots. Never crimp all fine hair as you will see your scalp and also if you have thick hair as you will end up looking like Worzel Gummage!! If you have an average amount of hair crimp hole lot.

Step Four: Move downwards section by section without dragging the crimper through your hair until you reach the bottom.

Step Five: When you have completed the section, do not clip it or run your fingers through it, just move on to the next section of hair and repeat.

Step Six: Once you have crimped all the sections, carefully separate the crimped parts with your hands. Do not brush or comb unless you want a big, frizzy look.

Step Seven: Finish with a shine spray which smoothes flyaways and conditions the hair

Do not despair if you do not have a crimper Gary has the cheaters way to crimp at home. Most women have a GHD in their home so you can - put loads of little plaits all over your head and then run the GHD over the for the crimped look or you can get very creative and use tin foil and your GHD to create a similar look.