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Don Wycherley & Tom Ó Súilleabháin

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Don and Tom are here to talk about their new series - Rásaí na Gaillimhe on TG4.

Rásaí na Gaillimhe

A major new Irish language contemporary comedy drama series set against the background of one of Ireland's most famous - and notorious - sporting and social festival - Galway Race Week. The rich backdrop of Ireland's most successful race meeting is the perfect setting for the unfolding drama of dodgy schemes, misplaced dreams, wanton excesses & outright sin.

The seven deadly sins, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Wrath and Greed are all present and incorrect in this darkly humorous saga and each sin is themed in one of the episodes.

During race week, the characters paths interconnect and merge as each one embarks on a personal odyssey. By the end of this week, the characters have influenced and profoundly changed each other's lives and some will find their entire existence has been altered forever.

The De Barra Brothers are a set of criminal siblings from Donegal who have decided to stage a daring robbery at the famous Festival. The ultimate target is an oblivious bookie Eoin Boland who happens to be having a very successful and eventful week. Liam Reilly is a jockey who is fed up of throwing up and throwing races. In a controversial race, he refuses to follow the dubious instructions of horse-owner Noel Tracy, with far-reaching consequences.

A middleclass mother Sinead Connors has re-invented herself as a high class prostitute in her suburban Galway home. Corrupt politician Ultan Keane (Don Wycherley) has brought unwanted bad press to his party in an election year. Under pressure and scrutiny, he welcomes a break in his home constituency of Galway. A frustrated local policewoman Aoife, bored with her repetitive menial duties, keeps a keen and inquisitive eye on the bad deeds and illegal acts of the other characters. Yet, she's just as capable of committing a few illicit deeds herself, in the name of ambition.

TG4 Wednesday 23rd September 9.30pm (repeat Saturday 9.25pm)

Don Wycherley
He is a hugely successful stage actor - starring in numerous productions from Conversations On A Homecoming, The Seafarer, Fool For Love, A Month In The Country and Eden to name but a few. His most famous role to date is Raymond in Bachelors Walk, and was nominated for an IFTA Award for Running Mate.

Initially he went to Dublin to study to become a teacher and it was when he was doing one of the school plays with the kids he realised he wanted to go back to study acting.

His voice is well known from doing voice over's on the radio. My is one of the most famous ones he does.

TV fans will recognise him from playing Fr Cyril McDuff in Father Ted. Father Ted, Dougal and Jack enter a talent competition visited by a BBC presenter with an odd drinking problem. He also played a young fresh faced priest in Ballykissangel alongside Colin Farrell. The two years on that was the deposit for his house. Remains his highest paid work to date.

Movie fans will remember him from Garage and Veronica Guerin alongside Cate Blanchett.

When he knew Neil Jordon wouldn't give him a part in Michael Collins he told Jordon he was from the same neck of the woods as Collins. He then was hired as a voice coach to Liam Neeson on the movie.

He will next be seen in Ondine - alongside Colin Farrell. He has a small role in the movie.

Tom Ó Súilleabháin
Tom was born and reared in Dublin, but, like Don, went on a different path and studied science in college in Galway.

Has starred in Showbands (RTE), On Home Ground (RTE), The Clinic (RTE), Paths to Freedom (RTE), Intermission.

Tom also sings the opening title song "I Want Money" for the series.

The two men have worked together on Showbands, so this isn't the first time they have teamed up.

Don and Tom's character
Don plays the minister Ultan Keane who goes down to the Galway races but has a private jet problem. His worst fear is that the local TD will get to do it so he breaks every law in the book to get there on time.

It's told over the period of 7 days of the Galway Races -the actors paths cross over the 7 days of the races. He's outrageous but maybe not as outrageous as some of the goings on in the papers these days. He loves himself and he loves the ladies, loves the power, loves his position and he see himself as being a potential Taoiseach at some stage. He embodies the seven deadly sins.

Tom plays Minister Ultan Keane's driver and he is like his minder, protector and confidant.

He's a very cool, cold, calculated character. He looks after the Minister but has his own agenda and he gets the Minister out of bad situations but he has a few tricks up his sleeve.