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Monday, 21 September 2009

Jarlath Regan will be giving his top five programmes we should watch this week. This is based on his opinion and we will try to have something in there for everyone.


Daredevils: Iceman Tonight 9pm C4
If watching someone run a marathon in sub zero temperatures does not catch your fancy then there's something wrong. This is the kind of show I love watching. The kind of show where you sink into the couch and watch people endure incredible physical hardship while you laugh and make stupid remarks like, "This fella is a total eejit".

This is a new series on Channel 4 all about daredevils. In last week's episode a proximity-wingsuit flying man shows how he jumps out of helicopters or the top of a cliff, and flies dangerously close to some of the world's most dangerous mountain faces, before pulling a parachute at the very last minute.

This week, a guy called Wim Hof attempts to run a marathon in sub zero temperatures clad only in a pair of shorts and sandals.

Sarah and Steve Tonight 10.50pm RTE2
Last year Dan and Becs became the dark horse of RTE comedy. This year Sarah and Steve is in my opinion even funnier.

Sarah & Steve is a new comedy from the makers of Dan & Becs which intercuts the video diaries of the two main characters as they discuss their struggling relationship, stagnant careers, and the unavoidable drama of an average night out in Tallaght.

In tonight's episode, Sarah and Steve are excited about their trip to the Canaries but Sarah isn't happy when Steve invites a bunch of his mates to join them on the holiday.


Ros na Rún Tuesday/Tomorrow 8.30pm TG4

The story so far:
In Season 13 Mack was having doubts about his pending marriage to Adelaide and in the final episode viewers were left wondering if they would go ahead with the wedding.
In this first episode of Season 14, Mack and Adelaide's wedding is going ahead as planned. However Mack has a stag do and ends up having a heart to heart with Róise and they share a kiss!!!


Class Clowns Wednesday 11.10pm RTE1
If you missed this the last time it was on then you really missed something quite special. Comedians revisit their old stomping grounds and do a gig in their old school. It sounds simple but it works really well particularly if you love a bit of nostalgia like I do. In this episode Niall Toibín visits his old school and meets his old school mates as well as the current pupils of the school.


Eastenders Thursday 7.30pm BBC
Bianca finally admits her feeling about Ricky! Rickyyyyyyyyyyyy! Biancaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'll explain the history of why this has become a national catchphrase and how these two eejits and their romantic involvement has become a modern day Romeo and Juliet with cockney accents.