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Marty Morrissey

Friday, 18 September 2009

Marty Morrissey - Biography

Before RTE, Marty worked as news editor with Clare FM, while there, he also worked wit Rachael English and Alan Cantwell (TV3) on Clare FM.

Marty Morrisey was freelance with 1989 with RTE Cork as a commentator/reporter.

Between 1990 and 1994 he worked as a news reporter in RTE Cork, while there, he worked weekends with RTE Sport.
Marty Moved to Dublin in 1994 and has been working as a commentator, and has been sideline reporter on All Ireland Final day.

What about the rivalries between the Cork and Kerry fans?
The rivalries between cork and Kerry are very intense, after Dublin and Meath, Cork and Kerry is the next biggest. I know that in west Cork and along the border towns along cork and Kerry the rivalries are very intense

I went to college in Cork, my mother is from Cork, and I would know a lot of Cork and Kerry when I played football at UCC. I know Sean Walsh, very well, he is the father of Tommy Walsh who is on the Kerry team and is one of the young stars. They do take their football very seriously down in that part of the country

Who is going to be the most important players for Cork and Kerry?
I think the battle between Pearse O' Neill (Cork Centre forward) and Mike McCarthy (Kerry centre back) will be vital. Kerry will be worried about Pearse O' Neill because he played well earlier in the year when cork and Kerry met. Kerry brought Mike McCarthy back form retirement and it has worked out very well. so he could end up having a big influence on the game.

What are is the difference in the styles of Cork and Kerry?
I think that both teams have a very similar style. The both like to play it short and also play it long.. Cork are an extremely athletic team, and very big and powerful. Kerry are traditionally more skillful than most counties, but they can also play it in long.

What the game will hinge on?
I think that tactics will be vital, and I also think that it will be vital who Kerry will play in their full forward line. Kerry seems to have been getting their tactics right at the moment. They played Declan O'Sullivan at full forward against Dublin and it worked a treat. They brought Tommy Walsh on at full forward against Meath in the second half and he changed the game for the.

I think that Kerry have more options in the full forward line, they can play 'star' (Kieran Donaghy) or Tommy Walsh in there, they can also play Declan O'Sullivan at full forward. I don't think that Cork has the same options at full forward.

Who is going to win?
I think that all the pressure is on Cork, if they lose, I think that it might knock them back years. Cork might have beaten Kerry already in Killarney, but a Kerry team in Croke Park is totally different cattle of fish so they will not walk all over Kerry, but I do think that if Cork can keep their heads right and are well mentally prepared, then I think that Cork will win.

Marty Morrissey