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Homework Club - Principal Barbara Hanamy

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Has your dog eaten your homework?

Homework Club wants to help children and parents of primary school children do their homework.

Parents, if you don't know what the square root of 81 is, then ring into the homework club and we'll help!!

If you're stumped, then don't be a chump, ring us on the Afternoon Show, with your parent's permission kids, and Mrs. Hanamy will help you find the answers.

Today's Principal: Barbara Hanamy

Teacher/Principal: Barbara Hanamy

School: Kinnity National School, Co. Offaly

Pupils: 120

Teachers: Takes 5/6th classes usually

She has two children with her husband.
She's originally from Birr, now lives outside Birr.

She is 7years as principal, and has spent 17 years teaching.

Very involved with the drama and music society Birr Stage Guild, they do a play and musical every year.
Played Sally in musical "Me and My Girl", played mother in "Da" in Hugh Leonard

Loves travelling reading,
Lived South America, Colombia, teaching in Cali, 3rd largest city, of the very wealthy and helped out in the local orphanages.

Maths causes a lot of problems as methodologies change over the years.
Irish - parents may be rusty on it, as haven't used it for years. Very difficult to help their kids.

Refer it to the teacher, a note in the journal. Teacher can then go over the stuff in class again. Teachers can send home notes on how things are done now at school. Schools are very open. Learning support teachers are for the pupils but also for the parents.