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CONSUMER - Trolley Watch - Week Two

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Today we will introduce our new list of items. This week we will be checking the price of our 20 products in six supermarkets in Connacht. We will be checking the prices in Supervalu, Superquinn, Dunnes, Tesco, Lidl and Aldi. We will also inform viewers of the price of TAS shopping trolley in a supermarket up North. This week we will compare with Lidl in Northern Ireland.

We will also look at a few of the products more closely and the price across the board.

Please be aware that there will be some variations in weight, quality and nutritional value between all the supermarkets goods. We were looking solely for the cheapest price in each item. A full list of the 20 items from each supermarket is available on this website where you can see the variations.

According to a study commissioned by the NCA:

. Price remains the key influencing driver for consumers in choosing where they do their main grocery shop, followed by convenience.

. 34% of grocery shoppers are buying less

. 3 in every 4 people now shop around

We are revisiting Trolley Watch this year as consumers still consider price to be the deciding factor in where they do their weekly shop.

What is the Strand all about?
Concept of Trolley Watch
The Afternoon Show Trolley Watch is filled with items consumers typically buy at this time of year. THIS SURVEY IS BASED SOLELY ON PRICE ALONE. WE ARE NOT COMPARING QUALITY OR NUTRITIONAL VALUE. THEREFORE IF YOU WALKED INTO A SUPERMARKET WITH TAS SHOPPING LIST YOU WOULD FILL YOUR SHOPPING BASKET WITH THE CHEAPEST BRAND OF EACH ITEM. THE MEASUREMENTS OF ITEMS MAY VARY FROM STORE TO STORE. Each Tuesday we will compare the cost of The Afternoon Show Shopping Basket and this week we are going to Tesco, Lidl, Supervalu, Dunnes Stores, Superquinn and Aldi in Leinster. This will allow us to compare the cost of the items in different shops and also will allow you to see where you can get the cheapest price for TAS Shopping Basket. (NOT WHERE YOU GET THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. Do not refer to where you get the best value for money but which store is the cheapest place to get the contents of TAS Shopping Basket).

What are we hoping to find from this survey?
Where you will get the best price for The Afternoon Show Shopping Basket

What's in our basket?
List the products and maybe take out of the basket and transfer to the other to show viewers at home exactly what is in the basket.

The basket contains 20 items, some of the same staple groceries as the old trolley with some new additions. (List of contents in visuals/props list)

So where did you go to this week?
This week, our first week we went to Connacht.

Tina's Tips
If you are living anywhere near the border it might be worth your while travelling up north for your groceries. So many of us are making the trip up north to save money. The tendency is to go up north for non perishable goods that you can stock up on once a month. We looked at Tesco in Northern Ireland this week to see if it is worth the trip up north for the contents of the Shopping Basket and the total cost came in at € .

Where to next?
Tina and her team will be scouring the supermarkets in Galway looking for the best bargains.

Please be aware that there will be some variations in weight, quality and nutritional value between all the supermarkets goods. We were looking solely for the cheapest price in each item.

The Afternoon Show Shopping Basket

Full Fat Milk (2ltrs)
Medium Irish Free Range Egg (6 pack)
Slice Pan White Bread (800gr)
Block Butter (Approx 450gr)
White Granulated Sugar (1 kg)
Tea Bags (80 pack)
1 Kilo Bananas
Net of Oranges
Iceberg Lettuce
Pork Sausages (454gr)
3 Chicken Breast Fillets
Spaghetti (1kg)
Bolognese Sauce
Diluted Orange Drink
Family Tin Baked Beans (Approx 420gr)
Family Tin Processed Peas (Approx 420gr)
White Toilet Tissue (4 Pack)
Cornflakes (500gr)
Tin of Tuna x 3
Cheddar Slices

To view a table with all the products and their prices mentioned today please click on this link: