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Monday, 14 September 2009

Spending some quality time with your tv this week?! Jarlath Regan joins us in studio and shares his top tv tips for this week.

Jarlath Regan

Jarlath Regan is a 28 year old Irish comedian. He's a little over six feet tall, has brown hair and brown eyes with a little black dot in the middle of each.

During a period as an advertising account executive he became disillusioned and decided to try his hand at comedy. After winning a place in the final of the BBC and Channel 4 new comedy awards he began gigging around Ireland in small bars, pubs, community halls and hay barns.

After a while he was asked to support people like Ardal O'Hanlon and David O'Doherty.

Then through a stroke of good fortune he was asked to appear along side an all-star cast of Irish comedians at the inaugural Montreal Just For Laughs Irish Comedy Gala. A television producer saw the gala and six months later the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland decided to fund a television documentary about his journey to the Edinburgh festival with his first solo show. "Nobody Knows Jarlath Regan" (TV3) was a three part series which saw Jarlath interview some of his comedy heroes and apply their advice to his daily experience of the Fringe.

In the past year he has appeared regularly on Ireland's version of Mock The Week - The Panel. He recently completed an illustrated book of his twisted greeting card collection which is due for release by Transworld Ireland for Random House in September 2009. In January he made a little bit of history by becoming the first comedian to record a live album in Dublin's Comedy Cellar - the venue that gave birth to Dara O'Brian, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran.


The Byrne Ultimatum 9.55pm RTE2

This is a brand new entertainment show in which Jason Byrne makes well known faces answer some seriously silly questions. It is a six part panel show with two teams and two rounds but it's more about the taking part than the winning. There is also a lot of audience interaction and some of the members will actually have a significant role to play in each show.

Programme one sees Comedian PJ Gallagher, Bernard O'Shea and John Bishop along with model Rosanna Davidson take part in the show.


The Frankincense Trail 7.00pm BBC2

This is the concluding part of a four part documentary series. Presenter Kate Humble traces the ancient frankincense trade route of Arabia across the modern world of the Middle East.
Kate follows the 2,000 mile trail that first connected the Arab world with the West on a quest that is steeped in history, searing with desert heat, and full of characters and adventure.

For 3,000 years before the birth of Christ, frankincense was more valuable than gold. It's sweet-smelling aromatic smoke was treasured by Pharaohs and Caesars. Their insatiable demand for frankincense created a trade route from the southern coast of Oman to the Holy lands. Along it's path, men waged war and civilisatios thrived and crumbled.

In this final episode, Kate Humble concludes her remarkable frankincense trail from Oman, across seven nations to Jordan and onto Israel and Palestinian Territories. She reveals the secrets behind the ancient Jordanian stone city of Pedra, flies with a daredevil female pilot over Sinai desert, travels to the sacred city of Jerusalem and finds out why a small plot of land is the most contested site in the world. Kate ends her extraordinary journey following in the footsteps of the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem.


Alone in the Wild 9.00 Channel 4

This is the second of three films in which adventurer Ed Warble - an experienced extreme cameraman who has scaled Everest - survives in the Yukon with basic provisions. Filming himself he is completely cut off from civilization, dealing with the possibilities of black and grizzly bears having him for breakfast. The anxiety and stress of Ed Warble's first month are taking their toll. The vast loneliness of the Canadian landscape and lack of human contact have left him feeling emotionally numb.


Friday Night with Jonathon Ross 11.15pm BBC 1


All Ireland GAA Senior Football Final Time TBC RTE2