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Stress Busting with Jan De Vries

Monday, 14 September 2009

There's no booking necessary, Jan De Vries is here so get your questions in for his clinic .

Jan De Vries, World Renowned Naturopath

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Are you finding more and more people are coming to you with stress related issues?
Especially at this time, with the recession, stress-related issues become more and more prevalent. As stress gives an invariable breakdown on the tissue there are a lot of problems with extra nervous conditions, but also stress, as in psychiatry, they say, is 90% the cause of illness and disease.

What advice are you giving these people?
Stress can give people a lot of problems, and I usually advise to release stress, is to embark on a "Stress Free Diet" which is a low protein diet, also relaxation exercises, especially breathing exercises and also I would give advice on how to monitor stress.

What herbal remedies do you recommend for stress?
I would recommend remedies such as

. Avena Sativa,
. Ginsavena,
. Passiflora,
. Dormeasan,
. Relaxing Essence,
. Night Essence,
. Confidence Essence,
. Vitaforce,
. Vitamin B,
. The Dutch Herbal Tea,
. Valeriana Complex.

Why are these beneficial?
All these remedies are beneficial for the nervous system and will also help to relieve stress.
Domeasan will also help to aid sleep.

What exercises can one do to distress?
With regards to exercises, I would suggest Yoga, Alexander Techiniques, Pilates, but especially the "Hara Breathing Exercises"

Symptoms of stress
Stress affects different people in different ways, and everyone has a different method of dealing with it.

The chemicals that are released by your body as a result of stress can build up over time and cause various mental and physical symptoms. These are listed below.

Mental symptoms
. Anger
. Depression
. Anxiety
. Changes in behaviour
. Food cravings
. Lack of appetite
. Frequent crying
. Difficulty sleeping (mental)
. Feeling tired
. Difficulty concentrating

Physical symptoms
. Chest pains
. Constipation or diarrhoea
. Cramps or muscle spasms
. Dizziness
. Fainting spells
. Nail biting
. Nervous twitches
. Pins and needles
. Feeling restless
. A tendency to sweat,
. Sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction or a loss of sexual desire
. Breathlessness
. Muscular aches
. Difficulty sleeping (physical)

If you have been experiencing some of these symptoms for a long period of time you are at risk of developing high blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

Experiencing even one or two of these symptoms can make you feel frustrated or anxious. This can be a vicious circle - for example, you want to avoid stress but symptoms such as frequent crying or nervous twitching can make you feel annoyed with yourself and even more stressed.


Remedies recommended by Jan on todays show

. Avena Sativa a good mild aid for stress, safe for children, good for hyperactivity
. Ginsavena very good when we are stressed and exhausted
. Passiflora helps with anxiety, helps also with menopausal stress.
. Dormeasan helps with sleep
. JandeVries Dutch Herbal Tea a relaxing alternative to ordinary tea;
. Valeriana sleeping problems, nervous anxiety and tension

Jan De Vries