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Liam Hourican -- Fringe Funny Man

Friday, 11 September 2009

Liam Hourican is Dublin born actor, comedian and writer. However although he has deep set Irish roots, he was reared in the bourgeouis city of Brussels, Belgium.

Liam Hourican -- Fringe Funny Man
Liam Hourican was born in Dublin but grew up in Brussels. Liam studied drama in the Central School of Speech and Drama in London for 3 years, from the age of 20. Katherine Tate went there also, but before his time. He then started out as a Shakespearean actor in The Globe in London.

He has also toured Ireland with the troupe Second Age & other companies doing Shakespearean plays - mostly playing to Leaving Cert audiences. He played Edmond in Alan Stanford's King Lear this year and they did a National Tour here. He was also in the Merchant of Venice on a national tour at the end of 2008.

TV Work

Liam has done a 12 minute Channel 4 programme called Ape during the summer of 2008, which was based on comedy sketches. He is currently filming "The Savage Eye" with David McSavage for RTÉ Television. He has also written and is starring in a new comedy series "The Comedy Lab" which will be screened in January 2010 on Channel 4.


The stage version of "The Comedy Lab" will be shown in the Absolut Fringe Festival in the Metro Bosco Tent - "All Of Human Life Is Here" on the Customs House Quay, IFSC - 14-19th Sept 7pm.

Amy Huberman was in the TV version and Liam says that she's a natural at comedy. Olga Wherley (This is Nightlive!), Andrew Neil (This Week) and Jim Roche also feature in the entertaining television version. Liam's hilarious characters include Peter Stringfellow, Gerry Adams and a ruthless Dutch mountaineer.

Check Liam Hourican out in the Absolut Fringe Festival in the Metro Bosco Tent in the IFSC from Monday 14th to Friday the19th Sept at 7pm. Tickets still available but hurry hurry hurry!