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The Good and Bad of this Summers Garden and Garden CSI

Thursday, 10 September 2009

With some of the highest rainfalls since 1936 this summer has been a tough one for gardeners. However our very own ray of sunshine Eugene Higgins joins us to tell us what was good and what was bad this summer .

The Bad

Herbaceous geranium
They haven't done well because it has been wet. Great dependable plant, will do better if we have a reasonable summer next year so don't give up on them!


Roses began very well this year, had wet weather dry weather then season got worse. June was a good month, July and August were disastrous.

Tips for roses;
Don't let leaves drop back into the soill, they have blackspot on them and spores will get into the ground. This will in turn bring disease to the soil.


Lawns have been flooded up and down the country. To drain them use a garden fork. Pitch the fork into the lawn. This will help to take the moisture out of the soil to let it seep away.

But every raincloud has a silver lining so tell us all about the good .

The Good

Well the clue for this plant is in the name, "Hydra." This plant has loved the rain all through the summer. However it is advisable to begin pruning it soon though.

Looking really nice this year. This plant also attracts bees into the garden due to it's lovely scent. It's lavender like flowers have been blooming all through the summer. It's a very hardy plant so should be ok through winter too.

Anemone (an-enemy)
Combination of wet weather and temperature has ensured they're doing well all through the summer. These have large daisy like flowers which have been giving some much needed colour all through the summer.