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Homework Club - Principal Pat Goff

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Has your dog eaten your homework?

Homework Club wants to help children and parents of primary school children do their homework.

Parents, if you don't know what the square root of 81 is, then ring into the homework club and we'll help!!

If you're stumped, then don't be a chump, ring us on the Afternoon Show, with your parent's permission kids, and Mr Goff will help you find the answers.

Pat Goff, Principal of Scoil Mhuire National School, outside of Wexford town
Pat used to teach all classes, even junior infants, but not anymore as he is the principal. He says he is 'reasonably' popular with his students!

From Enniscorthy, went to CBS Enniscorthy himself as a lad
Married to a Clare woman Norrie, from the middle of the Burren.
They have 2 daughters - aged 27 and 25 - one is an engineer in Clonmel, the other is doing science in a lab in Dublin.

Funny story:

An 8 year old girl came in with a little speech impediment and said that: "My sister is thick". "How do you know that?" "She's at home in bed."


Plays golf, walking, tennis. Loves reading and travelling.
He loves travelling - Singapore and Vietnam - so different - brought you back to how it was in Ireland in the 1950s. He did a trek in N. Vietnam, where each farm had one animal, one ox one pig. The people were brilliant and very friendly. They were very small! They ate their local food, weird stuff, doesn't know what he ate, maybe dog! A lot of Vietnamese have noodles with breakfast, very strange. Noodle soup. No salt and pepper. All the shops on the street sold noodles. They drink a very strong coffee, but it's not local. Rice is their staple crop. The paddy fields were fascinating.
He loves reading - David Bandishi - The Simple Truth
Bought a new book- Colm Toibín - set in Wexford

Report Card:

Effort into school work: Great effort
Social: He mixes well, maybe too well at times, can be over-talkative, but he does listen attentively, can go into his own world at times
Homework: Very neat. Homework can be rushed but he just about makes the deadline.
Behaviour: Generally very good but can be known to be behind pranks
Punctuality: Excellent
Involvement in school activities: Unfortunately he didn't make the choir as he is a crow
Gaeilge: Excellent and loves the language
English: Very good, great story-writer
Maths: Very good
History: Has a great love of stories and history
Drawing: Very skilled
Physical education: Excellent at everything, including golf or pool

Signed by the Acting Principal: Brigid Scully

Pat's School

Scoil Mhuire National School, outside of Wexford:
Pat has been Principal since the mid 1990s, since 1983 deputy principal for the new school, started teaching in 1977. The 25th anniversary of the school was in June 2009
Pat's school has 47 teachers, and the deputy principle is Brigid Scully
It is a mixed school - 50/50 boys and girls - 530 pupils, 100 non nationals (from 27 different countries) including Poles Sudanese, China, Russia, Latvia etc.

This is a mainstream school, although they have many special needs students and an autism facility. They teach 30-40 kids with special needs - mainly autism - through both a special unit and integration.