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Gardening with Eugene Higgins; 10 plants for summer!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Today we're featuring 10 plants for Irish gardens this summer. These are plants that aren't too delicate and will survive through heat and also torrential rain.

Eugene Higgins, Garden Genius:
Eugene has ten plants for us to look at.

Freemontodendron, €23
This is quite often used as a wall trained plant. It has super large yellow flowers and is a very distinctive plant

Paeonia, €7.99
This has large double flowers in various colours of pink,mauve and white, Every garden should have one, it requires sun!

Convolvulus, €10.99
This is a very manageable plant as it is low growing. It has pink buds, white flowers and is evergreen with grey foliage.

Ozothamnus, €6.99
This is known as the kerosene plant due to its flame red flowers. It can do well in windy gardens.

Perovskia, €7.49
This works well in sandy soils. It's lavender like with purple spires of flowers from mid to late summer. It's easy to grow and plant two or three plants for best effect

Spirea, €6.99
This comes in lots of varieties. It's a low manageable plant.

Buddleia, €8.49
This plant needs space as it grows large quickly. It has long arching flowers attract which butterflies. It's a very fragrant plant and flowers in pink, mauve or white.

Aptenia, €6.95
This is a rare low growing rockery plant which will suit a warm garden.

Gazania, €3.95
Ideal for containers in the sun, low growing and spreading plant. Can survive a mild winter. Comes in yellow and oranges.

Nemesia, €3.95
This plant just keeps flowering once it starts bedding. It can survive mild winters and grows no higher than a third of a metre.

Eugene's tips for a .

Wet Summer
. If we have a wet summer then unlike us the plants will be very happy especially if they have just been planted.
. If your plants get waterlogged, create raised beds. If it's not too serious, create a raised bed, heap topsoil into an area and raise the plants above the water.
. Make sure all your summer plant containers have drainage. Ensure your plastic window boxes / pots have holes drilled in them.

Hot Summer
. Regularly water newly planted shrubs / plants first thing in the morning for the best results and absorption.
. Get yourself a water butt, make use of any excess water (i.e. drainage water)
. Don't worry if your lawns look very dry, they always recover so they will be ok
. If the soil has dried up and moved away from the edge of your plant pots then you are in trouble so constant checking is important.
. Watering is an art form, make sure you're not watering all of your plants the same, some will need less water than others.

Plants supplied by Tully nurseries, / 018433174

and also Blackbanks Garden Centre, Raheny, Co Dublin 01 8327047.

Eugenes website,