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Chris Stewart - Travel Writer

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ex drummer with Genesis, sheep shearer, travel writer is here to tell us tales of living in remote Spain and about his gap year attempt at sailing a yacht.

Chris is in the middle of a book tour to Three Ways to Capsize a Boat - an optimist afloat. Due to be published 4th June 09. (This is the story of his gap year spent sailing a yacht during his twenties).

About the book:

The book fills in Chris's lost years as a yacht skipper sailing a Cornish Crabber around the Greek Islands; this was before he went to El Valero in Spain. It tells of dodging icebergs in the Atlantic and other perilous escapades.

Chris was asked by a friend of his, Julie Millar, if he would be interested in sailing her great aunt's yacht around the Greek Islands for the summer.

Book due to launch 4th June, 2009

Chris' Books
1999 - first book about his experiences of setting up in a foreign country - 'Driving over Lemons.' Since publication, Driving Over Lemons and its two sequels have sold more than a million copies in the UK alone.
2002 - 'A Parrot in The Pepper Tree.'
2006 - 'The Almond Blossom Society.'
Chris has been involved in contributing to two books published in The Rough Guide series - The Rough Guide to Andaluxcia and The Rough Guide to China.
Chris also has a pilot's licence and took a course in French cooking.
2009 - 'Three ways to Capsize a Boat. '

How did Genesis come about?
Jonathan King became interested in Genesis when he was given a demo tape that Peter Garbeil, Tony Banks, Anthony Philips and Mike Rutherford had recorded at a friend's makeshift studio. The group were offered a publishing contract with an advance of £10 each.
When it came to recording their first single the band needed a drummer and so Chris was invited to join.

Genesis went to Advision Studios in 1967 to record Where the Sour Turns Sweet as their first single. The recording didn't work out as well as had been expected and was never released. The band tried again, writing new material but Jonathan King didn't like the songs. Worried they'd lose their mentor, the lads wrote a song that sounded like a Bee Gee number. This was called Silent Sun. It was released as the first Genesis single on 2nd February 1968. A follow up single, A Winter's Tale was released in May '68 but neither was successful despite good reviews.

Chris' Inspirations
Laurie Lee's 'As I walked out One Midsummer Morning' & Robert Byron's - The road to Oxiana and Rory Stewart's The Places In Between.
The Book; Three Ways to Capsize a Boat
Author: Chris Stewart
Published by: - sort of books.
Publication date, June, 2009.
Price: €12.00 approx (GBP 10.99)
ISBN: 978 - O-9560038-3-6
synopsis of the book
If you're wondering what Chris Stewart did before he and Ana moved to El Valero, their Spanish farm, here's one of the answers. He took to the sea, landing a job as skipper for the summer, sailing a Cornish Crabber around the Greek islands. It was his dream job - and there was just one tiny problem. He hadn't ever sailed before and had not the foggiest how to start. In a series of madcap and hilarious adventures we follow Chris from a shaky start in Chichester harbour to his epic Odyssey to Spetses (a bucket would have been handy), and then on to the journey of a lifetime - battening down the hatches on a trip across the North Atlantic. It's a journey crackling with Chris' zest for life, irresistible humour, and unerring lack of foresight. Dry land never looked more welcoming.