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Author Adriana Trigiani

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Author Adriana Trigiani is in Ireland to promote her latest book and tell us all about the latest goings on and gossip from the new Sex and the City movie.

Synopsis as told by Adriana.
VERY VALENTINE. It's about a family of shoemakers in Greenwich Village told through the eyes of the 33 year old apprentice, Valentine. It's an intergenerational comedy- and it was bliss to slip into the shoes of the master craftsman Teodora (79 years old when the novel begins), her daughter Michelina "Mike" and then, the voice of the novel "Mike's" daughter Valentine. I am crazy about this world (family business and family dynamics) and these characters. I went to Italy and observed shoemakers, and fell madly in love with Costanzo Ruocco on the Isle of Capri, and he features prominently in the plot of the book. My grandfather Carlo was a shoemaker and I relied heavily on the memories of my mother and her twin sister. When I went to Italy to meet with the shoemakers, it turns out my mother and aunt have very good memories about the process. Emotionally, it was very moving, as they remembered their father who died so young at the age of 39. I have a picture of Carlo on my desk, and I know this sounds nuts, but I feel as though I know him- and this series was a way to connect to him.

. The Book: Very Valentine
. Author: Adriana Trigiani
. Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
. ISBN: 978-1-84737-086-0
. Price: Approx €15.00