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Monday, 18 May 2009

All the latest storylines and juicy gossip from Fair City, Eastenders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week:

Heather suggests that she, Brendan and Eleanor take a holiday but he maintains it would look like an admission of guilt. Deegan asks Christy to come down the station to make a statement about Floyd's death. Heather accosts Deegan when he is seen collecting Christy from Phelans, and he cautions her under the public order act. Leo kicks both Troy and Dean out to look for jobs, even suggesting Dean approach Louie for his job back. Louie considers Dean but only at a 30% rate cut. Dean declines. Dean bets Troy he can get him a DJ gig - and he does so - at McCoy's which is not what Troy had bargained for, as a venue.

Doug visits Robin in hospital with a gift and an apology but Robin asks him to leave. Doug returns later to collect Robin but they have to get the bus and she feels let down by her friends. Robin is underwhelmed with the reception from her housemates, on her return from hospital. Deegan tells Ian to treat Sarah with respect if he's going to date her but Ian retorts it's none of his business. Later, Deegan cautions Ian for public displays of affection with Sarah, while on duty. Ian taunts Sarah to prove she is not a prude.

Paul hires Saoirse back as a temporary replacement while Robin convalesces. Doug tells Saoirse he could go to jail for his involvement in Robin's accident. Saoirse reports this back to Paul and Keith. Christy reveals too much in the full glare of Deegan's questioning. Deegan requests that Heather make a statement. Heather quizzes Christy on his statement. Brendan and Heather argue and she tells him she is leaving town immediately though she is expected to stay and make a statement.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One

This Week: Nick and Dotty are still keeping up with their plan to make Dot think that she is going mad. Dotty is not very happy as it was Nick's turn to wake Dot up during the night but he slept straight through. Billy is pleased when Peggy offers him a more permanent job in the Vic but his happiness is short lived when he turns to see Nick sitting at the bar. Nick tells him he wants money to keep quiet about Billy's secret or he will tell Jay what really happened the night Jase died. In the bar, Nick mentions aloud to Peggy that Dot wanted to invite her over for dinner. Dot looks confused but not wanting to look silly in front of Peggy she concedes that she did want to invite her over for dinner tonight after all. When Peggy is out of ear shot, Dot tells Nick that she has no memory of arranging this dinner. Nick replies "you practically insisted on it, showing me some recipe from that magazine of yours". Back at home, Dot prepares the dinner but as she puts the chicken in the oven, Nick cruelly turns it off.

Peggy arrives at Dot's house but she soon becomes worried for her friend when Dot becomes flustered after realising that she hasn't turned the oven on. Whilst looking at Peggy, Nick insists that he must have accidentally turned the oven off putting on his best worried expression. Peggy makes her excuses to leave but on her way out, Nick tells Peggy that Dot often gets confused, leaving Peggy to worry. Dot later gets flustered when she can't find her cigarettes. As she goes to get a new pack, Dotty tells Nick that she hid Dot's cigarettes and her purse. Dot arrives at the Vic but Billy notices that she looks flustered as she looks in her bag. Whilst trying to help her, Billy broaches the subject of Nick but Dot isn't really listening as she is more concerned about her purse. Before long, Nick arrives and hands Dot her purse and cigarettes back, claiming she left them on the sideboard. With Nick there, Billy quickly retreats.

Nick takes the opportunity to warn Billy off talking to Dot and blackmails him again. Desperate, Billy agrees to get the money. Later, a worried Billy hovers by the till where he reaches for Tracey's wage packet and stuffs it under his shirt. Mo and Jean are worried; Mr Lister the market inspector has taken away Stacey's stall permit. Jean tries to talk to Stacey and asks her to see a Doctor but Stacey dismisses the idea. Without Stacey knowing, Mo manages to get her stall back for her. Syd has a look on Stacey's stall but she is taken aback by Stacey's comments about how she can keep Bradley happy leaving Syd to walk away. Meanwhile, Bradley continues to leave messages for Syd on her voicemail but he is shocked when Stacey tells him that she told Syd about his ear fetish. Bradley tells Stacey to stay out of his life. Bradley catches sight of Syd but with Gumbo in tow, he is unable to catch up with her. He later manages to find her in the Minute Mart and tells her that he really likes her. Syd tells him that she doesn't want a relationship right now leaving Bradley upset.

Later in the Vic, Jean tries to get through to Stacey again about seeking help but Stacey wanders over to Bradley instead. The two end up in an argument about Stacey getting involved in his life. Bradley tells her to stay away "I don't even want to look at you". As Bradley walks away, Stacey laughs to herself - his tirade hasn't bothered her at all. Jean watches on with concern. Back at home, Jean is becoming increasingly concerned for Stacey who is rambling about work. Jean tells Stacey that she needs help. For a split second it looks as though she might be getting through to Stacey but Stacey soon snaps and tells her that she doesn't need any help. Meanwhile, Bradley heads to Syd's flat but he is gutted when he sees a man leaving. Libby thinks that Dr Jenkins is hitting on Chelsea and thinks that he is a sleaze. Libby wonders about Theo but Chelsea tells her that she hasn't returned any of his calls. Libby manages to talk Chelsea into going for a drink that night. Libby later takes a call on her mobile, confirming the meeting time and place for tonight, however when Chelsea walks into the room she quickly finishes the phone call. In the Vic, Dr Jenkins comes over to join Libby and Chelsea but Libby isn't keen on him sitting with them. It's not long before Theo arrives and Chelsea soon realises that she has been set up. Theo asks Chelsea if he can take her out for her birthday and it becomes clear that things are going well between them.

EastEnders star Kara Tointon cried after being axed from the BBC soap, she has admitted.The actress was last month told that her character Dawn Swann would be written out of the programme. Ricky Groves, who plays her on screen partner Garry Hobbs, is also on the way out.Reflecting on the decision, Tointon told the Daily Star: "I was heartbroken when they told me and I have to admit I did cry.

"I just have to dust myself down and get back out there. I've already told them that if they do plan to kill Dawn, I will refuse to close my eyes in the dying scenes!" Recent reports have claimed that Tointon will star in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing in the autumn.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3
This Week: Paula's furious to discover Colin is back on the street and staying with Eileen. She accuses Eileen of being a turncoat but Eileen slaps her across the face. As Colin steps in trying to apologise to her Paula screams at him, saying what he did was abuse. She leaves but Eileen's a mess, hating the situation she's been put in. She tries to be strong but when Paula reappears telling them she's been to the police Eileen's devastated.

Ramsay tells Emily he wants to mend his relationship with Norris before he leaves for Australia. But when he tries to apologise to Norris again, asking for his forgiveness, Norris counters that as far as he's concerned Ramsay killed his mother. Fed up of getting nowhere on the phone a desperate Fiz heads down to the hospital to enquire about John. But she's spotted by Julie, who's there with Colin. Fiz doesn't give anything away and Julie's left puzzled by the sighting.

With Blanche still absent from the Barlows the atmosphere between Ken and Deirdre is tense. It's clear they're struggling in each others company and Blanche's return would be welcome.
Maria's flummoxed when she receives delivery of a flat packed cot and is grateful when Tony offers to help her put it up.

This Week: Nicola faces up to the reality of her pregnancy but still refuses to tell Jimmy. After he's informed of Nicola's 'illness' by Rodney, Jimmy decides to explain to her that she needs to move on. Nicola is incredulous at Jimmy's arrogance and attacks him with her handbag before dissolving into tears. A fuming Jimmy tells Rodney to control his daughter, arguing that she's gone mad. Rodney feels he has no choice but to explain that Nicola's pregnant. He warns Jimmy not to let on that he knows and leaves him in a difficult situation between his joy at potential fatherhood and the prospect of keeping his knowledge of the situation from Nicola. Can Jimmy repair his relationship with Nicola and create a happy home for his unborn child?

Meanwhile, Cain is puzzled as to why Debbie refuses to use Andy's history of domestic violence against him. When Debbie refuses to stamp her authority on Andy later in the day Cain is furious with her cordial attitude. Debbie explains her fears that if she fights dirty it will somehow bounce back on her. Cain is sorry and wonders what he can do to ease Debbie's pain. In a quandary over whether he should seek Debbie's permission, Cain decides to reveal Andy's history of violence to CAFCASS. What will Debbie say when she discovers what Cain has done?

Elsewhere, David is the laughing stock of the village following his vocal gymnastics. Noticing his despair, Lizzie offers to do some canvassing by handing out leaflets on David's behalf. Pollard is intrigued to learn of David's newest supporter, but appeals to the devil in Lizzie and offers her more money to turncoat. David is miffed to find that Pollard has convinced Lizzie to deliver his campaign leaflets instead of his and Lizzie feels guilty when David refuses to win dirty. Can David find a way to turn the political tide in his favour?