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Beauty- Fake Tans With Suzanne Walshe

Monday, 18 May 2009

The tans they tried are as follows:
. L'oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mist €13.83
. Ambre Solaire Tan Wipe €3.32
. St Tropez Mousse €29.99
. Piz Buin Self Tanning Lotion & Colour Dial €22.99

Pre- application advice
Prepare the skin at least 12 hours prior to application. Exfoliate thoroughly & if necessary use oil free moisturiser on dry areas such as knees, elbows, hands & feet. Moisturisers that contain oil can prevent the absorption of self tanning products.

No body lotions, deodorants or perfumes should be used on the skin on the day of tanning. Our skin absorbs a certain amount of deodorants etc and when tan mixes with deodorant residue a green colour can result. This is a common complaint but easily avoided.

Waxing & shaving should be completed at least 24hrs prior to treatment.

If you're using a new tanning product for the first time carry out a patch test to ensure a reaction free tan.

During application:
Best to wear as little as possible for a full body tan a dark coloured g-string is ideal.

A tanning mitt from the body shop is ideal to keep the palms tan free. Also moisturising your palms well about 10 min before tan application will allow the excess tan to wash off the palms once the tan application is complete. Latex gloves are also good and can be bought in local pharmacys

After tan application
. Avoid contact with water for at least 6 hrs.
. Leave your tan to develop overnight if possible or if recommended.
. Wear loose dark fitting clothes and be aware of bra strap marks.
. Avoid activity which may cause perspiration for 12 hours
. No swimming chlorine in the water will bleach the colour
. Avoid other beauty products and treatments until your tan has developed.
. Avoid touching the skin during development period as this may cause staining of the palms

10 most common mistakes and how to solve them!

1. Streaky Palms
Use latex gloves when applying tan to rest of the body. Use the Self Tan remover if hands have darkened.

2. Streaky Tan - you must have
. Over-rubbed the tan when applying,
. Used moisturiser all over beforehand rather than only designated areas
. Neglected to exfoliate beforehand
. Come into contact with water
. Had something on the skin beforehand
. Not used enough tan
. Not buffed

3. Dark Patches around the elbows, ankles, knees, toes:
. Don't forget to:
. Moisturise these areas first
. Use a mixture of tan and moisturiser
. Exfoliate beforehand

4. Patchy Tan All Over
You may have forgotten to exfoliate - different areas of the body may be dehydrated, and by exfoliating you will even out the skin.

5. My tan is looking dirty as it wears off
You are not exfoliating, which means your skin is rough. By the third or fourth day you should start exfoliating again, which helps the tan wear off more evenly, and also has the skin well-prepared for the next application. The drier your skin, the dirtier the tan will look as it wears off. This applies to every single brand of tan on the market.

6. My tan is too light
The tan will develop only to the colour you will naturally tan. If you want a darker tan, reapply the next day. However, the results will not be as dark as you might like if you have applied moisturiser all over the body, over-rubbed the tan, used too little tan, or showered less than 6 hours after application.

7. My nails go brown.
Regardless of brand, all tans will stain all nails. St Tropez wipes will completely remove tan from nails however. Remember to get in around the cuticles and at the back of nails.

8. I burnt in the sun when I wore self tan
You always need to apply an SPF of at least 15 when exposed to sunlight. Fake tans offer no protection.

9. The tan comes off on my clothes
Most tanning lotion needs 6-8 hours to develop, and then you shower. If you need to be able to tan-and-go, use the mousse or mist rather than the lotion
Tan will not come off on clothes if you leave it to develop long enough. It will wash off sheets and all types of material (except Lycra) at a low wash

10. I only get 3 days from my tan
The drier your skin, the quicker your tan will wear off, regardless of the brand used.

If you suffer from dry skin, exfoliate well and moisturise the skin in the days before you apply tan . Once the tan has developed and you have showered, you can use your own regular moisturiser for dry skin every day, but start exfoliating on the third day of the tan to help it wear off more evenly.