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Hair - Intensive Conditioners

Monday, 11 May 2009

We love summer but it can play havoc with our hair. If you're going on holidays or planning a day at the beach, we have tips on how to look after your hair if the sun, chlorine or seawater dries it out.

Also our consumer panel has tried some of the most common intensive conditioners on the market.

Gary Kavanagh
Gary Kavanagh is undoubtedly one of Irelands best known hairdressers. He works constantly in the world of fashion and creates many of the fab looks in our Glossy mags. He has worked with most of the Supermodels, like Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington, Sophie Dahl, and all of Irelands top models . Gary is regular face on our television screens, and is considered by many as the Master of "Make-overs ".
Gary is kept very busy, dividing his time between looking after his many clients at Peter Mark, and looking after the tresses of many of our best known celebrities.
Gary is constantly in demand by many of our visiting celebs, and has worked with them all, from Kylie, to Westlife, Girls Aloud, Denise van Outen, the list goes on. . . .Gary currently is based at Peter Mark as their Creative Director, and is responsible for the development of their up and coming young talent.

We sent our four testers to a hotel to test out four conditioners:
. Yes To Carrots Moisturising Mud Mask
. VO5 Hot Oil
. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
. Charles Worthington Time Defy Masque
Don't miss the pros and cons of what these ladies thought of each product.
1. Don't be tempted to leave on longer!
Regardless what product you use, read the instructions and follow them to a T. The manufacturers will have tested these products again and again to find the perfect time for the optimum results. Don't think that by leaving it on an extra 10 minutes it will work even better-the opposite might be true.
2. Create Heat for Optimum Results
All of these intensive hair masques work better with heat. In a salon they have lots of equipment for this purpose. However if you are at home there is a very simple trick you can use. Simply tie a plastic bag around your hair and secure with a clip.
3. Don't overuse the product
Most people over-condition their hair. This can have the opposite effect you are aiming for, leaving hair lank and greasy and meaning blow dry's don't last. Use a small €2 coin sized blob of conditioner. If your hair is in good condition after the treatment then don't be tempted to use it again until your hair really needs it.
Then Gary will go on to talk about how to keep your hair in the best possible condition this summer if you are going to be spending time in the sun.
For each tip, he will give examples
1. Before
. If you are colouring your hair, don't leave it till the last minute before you go away, about a week before hand is ideal. This gives you a chance to condition the hair as it is always a bit sensitive after colour application.
. Ask your hairdresser for an up to date analysis of your hair type, and to recommend the correct shampoo/conditioner for that type. As hair changes from time to time, you could be using the wrong shampoo for your hair type.
. Get your hair styled into an easy- to manage, low maintenance style. Your hairdresser will advise you on what would be best for your hair type & face shape
. Get your hair trimmed regularly
Suitable products:
. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo €4.99
. Tigi Bedhead Moisturising Maniac Shampoo €13.65
. Tigi Bedhead Moisturising Maniac Conditioner €16.30
. Trevor Sorbie Repair & Protect Intensive Moisturiser €6.99 (now 2 for 1 in Boots)
2. While you're in the sun:-
. Keep your hair covered whenever possible - Did you know it is the WIND and not the SUN that takes the colour out of your hair?
. Never use oil based products on your hair whilst in the sun, it will "FRY "
. Avoid Gels and hairsprays; a lot of these types of products contain resins or fast drying properties, so they can have the effect of "BAKING "in the heat.

Suitable Products:
. Kerastase Soleil Protection Spray €24.30
. Kerastase Soleil Shampoo €19
. Bumble & Bumble Brilliant Clean shampoo €22
. Aussie 3 minute miracle €6.99
. Aussie Shine Protection Serum €6.99
. GHD Miracle Mist €16.50

3. Afterwards
. Check for split ends etc. We tend to torture our hair a bit on holiday, and also when the weather is good at home, so a trim upon return is a priority.
. A good intensive care moisturising treatment should replace some of the moisture stripped from your hair by the wind and sun on holiday. Lack of moisture is the biggest problem with summer hair.
. ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions, read the label and do exactly what it says. Leaving conditioners/treatments in for hours does not work; in fact you can undo the benefits.

Suitable Products:
. Bumble & Bumble Sunday shampoo €19
. GHD purifying shampoo €14.90
And finally, don't forget the man in your life! In case you're worried he will use your expensive products on the sly, Gary suggests the following products for men:
. Bedhead by Tigi Clean Up Shampoo for men €13.65
. Bedhead by Tigi Clean Up Conditioner €14.00