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Dr. Chris Steele

Friday, 8 May 2009

Resident family GP on UTV's This Morning is here to tell us about his recent brush with death. One month ago he came within 24 hours of death from a horrifying infection - from E. coli.

E. coli is a potentially killer bug, and can strike indiscriminately and is widely associated with contaminated food stuffs. We need to be most careful as we are approaching summer, which means barbeque season, which means food must be stored and cooked properly.

Dr Chris Steele, MBE
Dr Chris is a GP and he was also voted Health Journalist of the Year - 2007. He writes for both Woman and Top Sante magazines as their resident doctor.
He qualified in 1968 at Manchester University. From 1969 -2004 he was a General Practitioner and senior partner of seven, in a busy South Manchester practice, and now works as a freelance physician.
He has lectured extensively, internationally on Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Addiction, having run his Smokers Clinic at the University Hospital at South Manchester for over 25 yrs. He became interested in treating his patients who smoked in the early 1970s and he is now recognised as an international expert in smoking cessation and nicotine addiction. He has lectured on this subject in over 27 countries around the world, making many media appearances.

He has been the resident GP on ITV's This Morning since its launch in 1988. Chris has done other extensive UK and International TV work on health issues including 'Medical Expert' on ITV's Celebrity Fit Club and ITV's Tonight with Trevor McDonald on health issues. He has written extensively on general medical issues and smoking cessation.

Dr Chris developed skin cancer on his cheek; the procedure to remove this was also done live on air. More recently he has launched his own medical/health website - ''.Voted: 'Best Family Health Website' on the Internet - 'NOW' magazine. 'Website of the Week' - BUPA

E.Coli can strike anyone, but children and the elderly are more vulnerable because their immune system is not as strong.
What can be done to help prevent this?
Taking probiotic drinks daily and drinking plenty of water to help flush out the system, also cranberry juice is good. Research suggests that components in the juice may disable E.Coli bacteria.
What are the symptoms?
Fever, trembling, tiredness. If anyone has these symptoms, seek advice immediately.