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Thursday, 7 May 2009

There are two main types of weeds

These weeds normally complete their full cycle of growth, flowering and seeding in a single season and then die.

These weeds have an indefinite life span of more than two years.

. Horsetail
. Bramble
. Dandelion
. Bindweed

Top Five Weed Killing Tips

1. If you have a large space in the garden that is too big to dig then cover it with polythene or old carpet for a few months. This will cause the weeds to die in this area as they will be smothered and will have no light or moisture to grow. (great tip if you're older and cant dig)

2. If you have laid a new lawn this spring and have a lot of weeds in it most are probably annual (one year). Regular mowing should eliminate most of them and the grass will fill out and thicken any gaps as it settles in.

3. Once the temperature goes above 6 degrees Celsius weeds are growing so in a mild year they start early. Always be alert so you can eradicate them before they become established on your lawn.

4. If you have weeds popping up around tarmac here is an effective homemade weed killing solution.

Recipe for effective weed killer
4 cups vinegar
Half cup salt
2 teaspoons washing up liquid
Wait until the salt dissolves then apply only onto weeds

The acidity of this mixture will kill the weeds. These are not suitable for flower beds or lawns however as it raises the acidity of the soil which may result in killing your plants.

5. Hoe your flower beds weekly from March to October. This means that you kill the weeds in their infancy before they get a chance to establish themselves. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of weeds from your garden and will only take up ten minutes of your time a week.

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Tips for the weekend
. Sow wallflower seeds, if you do them now you'll have them for the autumn and they'll flower in Spring
. Grow a Diascia, €3.95