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De-cluttering With Ros Sparks - A Toddler's Bedroom

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Today is the fifth week of our de-cluttering strand. We meet the Oates Family from Sligo who wrote in to The Afternoon Show asking our de-cluttering expert to come to their home and help them re-organise their two youngest sons bedroom. They wrote in because the boys bedroom is being used also as a storage room as Michelle is a hoarder and she wants to restore order to the kids room and give them their room back.

Back in Studio is Ros Sparks (, our de-cluttering expert who will talking about six or seven of the best storage solutions she has found on the market for all areas of your house from kitchen to bedroom to garden.

Product 1:
Rakiddo Shoe Wheel
Howards Storage World or
This is a fantastic product for storing up to 20 pairs of shoes. They come in three different sizes but the one we have here is for a girls bedroom. The shoes easily slip in and out of the wheel and it's a bit of fun for the kids (in the hope that they will enjoy tidying up after themselves)

Product 2:
€49.99 Plus €7 P&P
We searched high and low for a welly rack for our utility item and finally found one in time for this item. This welly rack keeps the mucky wellys off the ground and prevents them from falling over inside the door and making your home look messy.

Product 3:
Sink Bin
Dunnes / Heatons
This unique and patented product is the solution to blocked kitchen sinks all over the world.
Left over cereal, dinner waste and tea bags are poured / placed in the Sink Bin, allowing any liquids present to flow through the allocated holes and down the drain while any excess solid waste remains in the Sink Bin, separating liquids from solids.
Installation takes just seconds by means of a specially designed suction cup.
The Sink Bin comes with a stylish lid to hide any waste, which cleverly attaches to the base of the product preventing any dripping when taking it from sink to rubbish bin for emptying.

Product 4:
Fold Up Hanger
€10 for pack of two
The Fold Up Hanger is the ultimate product for maximising the use of what is normally "dead space".
It can be used under the stairs, in the shed, in the wardrobe and behind any door to name but a few locations.
Application of the product is simple and the patented, award winning design will hold up to 5.5Kgs in weight which is the equivalent to 6 heavy coats.
The Fold Up hanger is also perfect for organising belts and ties while being a useful aid when doing the ironing. When not in use it folds away neatly taking up just 1cm of space.

Product 5:
Stackable Storage Cubes
Howards Storage World or
€14.95 per cube
These cubes can be a shelf or a box. You buy them separately and build whatever shape unit you like. You can fill them with contents and use as boxes or as display shelves. Very clever product for a child's bedroom and are a bit of fun.

Product 6:
Rockford Folding Charcoal Barbeque
This BBQ is ideal for Irish Weather. It can simply be folded up and stored in any shed or garage and takes up minimum floor space. It is very easy to assemble and is a good size. It is also ideal for those living in apartments as it would take up so little space.

Products that featured in the Footage

Trofast Storage Combination multicolour £72.99
Trofast Storage Combination with boxes pine/red
Fabler Hjarta blankets £6.99 red and green

Beaded Star Lampshade €32.95
Set of four Mirror Tiles €12.20

Howard Storage World
Vacuum Pack Bags