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Beauty with Suzanne Walsh- Instant Tans

Monday, 27 April 2009

This is Week 2 in a 4 week strand where we get a group of friends to road test some products, followed by Suzanne's expert advice in studio.

This week we are looking at instant tans. These are tans that can be applied quickly, give colour instantly, and can be washed off.

Always exfoliate the most important factor if you want to achieve a streak free tan.

Prepare your working area in advance to ensure surrounding furnishings are well protected. Preferably apply tan in the shower or bath for easy cleaning. Or if possible when using a spray on like sally Hanson stand outside.

Apply instant tan liberally avoid applying in small amounts as this encourages streaks. When applying to large areas i;e the legs use both hands and apply in all directions this lessens the chance of streaking.

The best think about instant tan is that what you see is what you get so you're less likely to end up with dark patches on the knees or elbows as further development time is not needed.

Leave the tan to set for about fifteen min before dressing this allows adequate drying time and you will be less likely to get tan on your clothes.

Apply to the back of your hands last and have a face cloth handy to rub between the palms to remove unwanted tan.

. L'oreal Glam Bronze €13.34
. Rimmel Sunshimmer €4.99
. Maybelline Sun Glow €9.09
. Sally Hansen for Legs €13.99