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Monday, 27 April 2009

All the latest storylines and juicy gossip from Fair City, Eastenders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Cass puts off his departure from Carrigstown to attend a poker game Ray is hosting. Cass hits Sean up for a loan he can use as a 'stake' in his poker game. Sean has misgivings but relents. Niamh reiterates her ultimatum to Cass.

Ali questions if Carol's relationship with Rory - the man who shot and killed Carol's son, Lorcan - will feature in her book. Tracey promises Ali she will tackle Carol on the subject of the book because she too is afraid her past will be dragged into the limelight. Carol promises to only cast Tracey in a positive light. Tracey warns Carol of the dangers of going public. Carol chafes over giving 15% of profits to Heather's agent, Miranda.

Keith confides his sorrow over Una's absence to Sarah and Orla. Cliodhna tells Orla she has just been made redundant, so Orla suggests drinks with Keith who also needs cheering up. When Cliodhna arrives, she misinterprets Keith and Orla's easy camaraderie for intimacy and she stalks off, accusing Keith of moving on from Una too fast.

Tensions emerge between Ray and his house-mate Deegan who Ray considers uptight and a nag. Paul advises Ray to include Deegan in the poker night, to smooth the situation. Deegan gets annoyed when he receives a last minute invitation to an event that's happening in his own home. Ray pretends it was a surprise for Deegan's benefit!

During the game, Deegan is embarrassed at his inadequacies as a player and further abashed when Sarah offers to mentor him through the game. He decides to sit out the next rounds. Paul and Cass face off and raise the stakes, with Cass putting his van up as collateral for 2,000 Euro.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One
This Week: Masood and Zainab argue about their eldest son Syed, oblivious to the fact that Tamwar is trying to study. Masood refuses to help Syed, because he is furious with him for lying to them in the past. After finally getting some peace and quiet, Tamwar waits for Libby to come over so that they can revise together. However, there is a knock at the door and he's shocked to find Syed on the doorstep. Syed claims that he wants to apologise to his father for lying but Tamwar suspects that's he's come looking for money. He tries to convince Syed to wait and not approach Masood yet - he's already caused enough trouble. Syed tries to explain that he only left because he did not want their mother to find out that he is to blame for the family business going bust. Syed decides to go on the hunt for his father. Tamwar sticks with him to keep an eye on the situation. Realising the advantage of having Tamwar on his side when trying to convince his father to forgive him, Syed works on trying to talk little 'Tam Tam' round by reminiscing about happy memories from the past. Although at first reluctant to even listen to what Syed has to say, Tamwar begins to let his guard down and it's clear that despite all the trouble, deep down he has missed his big brother.

Syed leaves their table at the café briefly just at the moment that Masood walks in and spots Tamwar. Masood apologises to Tamwar for all the commotion earlier and tells him he's just trying to do what's best for his family - and for him that means keeping Syed away. When Syed returns, Tamwar convinces him that it's not the right time to try and come back into their lives. Reluctantly Syed agrees to leave, so Tamwar lends him some money and goes off to meet Libby. Later, whilst walking with Libby, Tamwar spots Syed with Janine who was flirting with him earlier in the café. Syed follows Janine into her house whilst Tamwar looks on feeling betrayed and disappointed. Shirley decides to cook breakfast for Phil after he spends the night at her place, and ropes Heather into helping. However, when Phil emerges in the kitchen and Shirley gives him a kiss Phil freezes. It's obvious that Phil is feeling trapped so when Shirley goes upstairs for a shower he makes a quick exit. When Shirley comes back down to find Phil has scarpered, she deals with it in a typical Shirley manor by pretending she doesn't care, but it's clear she's upset and she spends the rest of the day checking her phone for messages from Phil.

Billy is distracted from making Jay and Ben breakfast after receiving a picture from Janet in the post. He later teases Phil about being out all night, which Phil does not find funny. Phil subsequently ignores a call from Shirley before grabbing a bottle. While Ben and Jay grab something to eat from the Minute Mart, Heather lets slip to the boys that Phil spent the night with Shirley. After discussing the relationship, Ben later suggests to Jay that he should cook Billy dinner to cheer him up. Ben agrees to help only if he can invite Phil and Shirley.

While cooking dinner, Jay makes a mess in the kitchen when he accidently shoots carrots out from the blender, messing up Janet's drawing. A furious Billy orders him to clean it up. Jay then notices that Honey has written 'Happy 50th Birthday Daddy' with Janet's name underneath. The drawing is a birthday card.

Phil gets angry when he learns that Ben and Jay have invited Shirley for dinner. He finds out that it was Heather who let slip that he spent the night with Shirley and swears Ben to secrecy. Phil then storms into the Minute Mart demanding to see Heather and ordering Denise to send her to the Arches immediately. Phil starts ranting at Heather when she turns up at the Arches, telling her she had no right to tell Ben. He says he should have already ended things with Shirley but Heather begs him not to break her heart. A drunken Phil continues to abuse Heather so she locks him in the garage to sober up. Ricky persuades Whitney to go out with Todd after he asks her out on a date. He tells her they can go just as friends and that she deserves to have a laugh. Later on the date, Whitney finds a condom in Todd's wallet and storms off.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3

This Week: It's the day of Colin's 70th birthday and Eileen is planning his surprise party with Rita. Paula overhears the plans for the party from Rita but is horrified when she hears Pam gossiping about Jason and Julie getting it on the night before. She confronts an embarrassed but perplexed Julie with a hurtful tirade of abuse, leaving her daughter bemused about what she has done to deserve such fury. Meanwhile as the guests gather at the Rovers, Colin is delighted with his surprise party and stuns Rita with a surprise of his own.

With Steve and Becky having reached an impasse over the situation with Amy, Steve braces himself to tell Tracy that Amy knows the truth about where she is. But Becky is still determined to put her side of the story and tries to explain to Steve about her childhood, her father's imprisonment and the constant lies. As Steve starts to understand Becky's background a bit more the rift between them begins to heal.

Fiz visits John and apologises for the mix up over her last visit - John is just delighted that she still wants to visit him and wastes no time in helping her with Chesney's latest assignment. But he can't help feeling disappointed when the bell rings for the end of visiting and he realizes he has spent the whole time discussing Jekyll and Hyde and not his feelings for Fiz. Elsewhere Ken checks up on Peter as he prepares to reopen the bookies following the fire.

Corrie's Samia Smith to be a mum
Samia Smith has announced that she is expecting a baby.The Coronation Street actress is 13 weeks pregnant by her husband Matt, with her baby due in October.Samia - whose soap character Maria Connor is also pregnant and due to give birth in July - said: "I have been pregnant on screen for the best part of the past two years and as soon as I get rid of the fake baby bump, I will have a real one."The good news follows a difficult few months - the 26-year-old actress's father Joseph died last week after a long battle with cancer.
Samia said: "I am so pleased that we were able to tell my dad about the baby before he died." The baby will be the 10th to be born in the past 18 months to Corrie cast members. Julia Haworth, Andy Whyment, Ryan Thomas, Jack P Shepherd, Wanda Oaplinska, Alison King and Jane Danson have all become parents. Simon Gregson and Graeme Hawley are looking forward to the births of their babies later this year.
But there have also been tough times for the cast recently. In February, Sara Roache, the wife of William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, died suddenly of a suspected heart attack. Days later, Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, and partner Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas announced the loss of her premature baby.

Emmerdale Monday 7pm TV3

This Week: Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) demands that Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) stop trying to contact Daz. She tries to put up a fight but Andy stops any argument by telling her that Jack would be ashamed. In an effort to cover up the scandal before Diane returns, Andy asks Scarlett (Kelsey-Beth Crossley) to keep quiet and she reluctantly agrees. Aaron (Danny Miller) tries to apologise to Victoria for telling Andy about her and Daz but she blames him for Daz's departure and tells him to get lost. Victoria is at an all time low, but how will she recover?

Meanwhile, Debbie (Charley Webb) hears that there's been a disturbance at Butlers and grows concerned that Andy has returned to his violent ways. After seeing Maisie (Alice Coulthard) looking after Sarah (Sophia Amber Moore) Debbie confides in Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) that she's being refused access. Natasha offers financial assistance to fund a solicitor by way of saying sorry for using her at the shoot. Debbie is thankful for the option but wishes to go about things on her own. Instead Natasha asks Maisie to persuade Andy to allow access, but Maisie suspects her mother of wanting to cause trouble and tells her to back off. Later Debbie insists that she wants access but is defiantly told by Andy that she'll never be Sarah's mum. Infuriated, Debbie asks Natasha whether the offer of financial help is still open. Can Debbie secure full custody?

Meanwhile, Ashley (John Middleton) congratulates Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) on her conduct throughout her community service. After setting off for another day Laurel is awkward when her officer tells her that tomorrow she'll be working in the village. During her day's work Laurel happens upon an old war hero begging in the street. Taking pity on him Laurel offers some change but recognises the voice immediately when the beggar offers his thanks - it's Eli (Joseph Gilgun). Laurel takes him for food and Eli is grateful to hear that Debbie is doing well. Laurel pleads with Eli to come home but he refuses and tells her not to share her discovery with the other Dingles. Can Laurel allow Eli to languish in the gutter?

Emmerdale's Luke Tittensor axed
Emmerdale's Luke Tittensor has been axed from the soap after he pleaded guilty to GBH charges last month. Luke, 19, who plays Daz Eden in the ITV1 show, is due to be sentenced next week after he admitted punching a 16-year-old and shattering his jaw in a brawl in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. An ITV spokesperson said: "As Luke has pleaded guilty to the serious charge of GBH and we cannot condone criminal behaviour, we have met with Luke and his agent to explain that his contract with Emmerdale will be terminated."
They added: "Luke regrets his behaviour and understands this situation." The Mancunian actor started his TV career sharing the role of Carl Gallagher with twin brother Elliott in Channel 4's Shameless before joining Emmerdale, aged 13, in 2003. His character, farmhand Daz, was initially written out temporarily, but will now be seen on screen for the last time on Friday when his half-brother Andy throws him out after discovering his ongoing affair with his adoptive sister Victoria.