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Movies 24th April

Friday, 24 April 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (+ Hugh Jackman junket)
Hannah Montana: The Movie
State of Play

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Director: Gavin Hood
Starring: Hugh Jackman; Liev Schreiber
Running Time: 107' 19"
Classification: 12A
Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox

Michael's verdict: X-Men Origins: Wolverine goes down the old prequel route, so we get to follow the fortunes of the young Wolverine as the mutant life is forced upon him. Jackman is his usual convincing self in the role (that Spartan training regime has paid off) but there is a strong support from Liev Schreiber as the young Sabretooth and Danny Huston as Stryker. Marvel fans will obviously lap it all up, but there's plenty in this film to keep the non comic-book fan happy, too.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Director: Peter Chelsom
Starring: Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles, Billy Ray Cyrus
Running Time: 102' 00"
Classification: G
Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

Michael's Verdict: Big-screen adaptation of the hit TV show with Miley Cyrus singing her heart out, bonding with her dad (old Billy Ray) and learning a few lessons about the value of home over fame. AAAh.

State of Play

Director: Kevin Macdonald
Starring: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Jason Bateman
Running Time: 126' 50"
Classification: 12A
Courtesy: Universal Pictures

Michael's Verdict: A congressman's mistress is killed and a team of crack investigative reports try to solve the mystery with the help of the local detective. Based on the BBC mini series, this is a fast-paced, old-fashioned political thriller.


Director: Eran Creevy
Starring: Francesca Annis, Rizwan Ahmed, Jason Flemyng, Daniel Mays
Running Time: 85' 24"
Classification: 16
Courtesy: Metrodome Distribution

Michael's Verdict: Low budget but hugely impressive drama about the relationship between a smalltime drug dealer and his old school chum. Creevy is a young director of note.