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Soaps Mon 20th April 2009

Monday, 20 April 2009

Taragh is here to provides us with those vital tasters of this week's soaps and keeps us hooked!

Taragh Loughrey-Grant has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

Suzanne chafes at the disaster befalling Rainbows. Louie has his solicitor, Philip McGuckian drop a letter into Suzanne stating they must quit the premises in four weeks. Yvonne injures Suzanne's wrist in a related argument. Yvonne accompanies Suzanne to the hospital and the sisters share a moment of partial reconciliation.

Ernie aka 'Cass' Cassidy, an elderly gent in a clapped-out ice-cream van arrives in Carrigstown, with a bang. Later, Louie tries to move the van from in front of his premises, going so far as to call the Gardai. Niamh is stunned when Cass - her long lost grandfather - approaches her in McCoy's. Pete breaks down with Maureen over his despair of disciplining Doug and his own feelings of failure on every front.

Ali finds Carol buried in a book about Irish gangsters, some of whom she has known. Carol is stung by Ali's mocking laugh, when she confesses she's researching a memoir on the story of her life with Billy Meehan. Ali is scathing about Carol's hypocrisy because she gave Ali such grief over her story about Lorcan.

Caitriona reacts badly when Niamh confides she is trying for a baby. Yvonne tells Louie she can't stand by and watch Rainbows close. Louie walks out on her.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One

Jane and Masood try to figure out why Zainab is so annoyed with Masood after she snapped at him earlier in the day. They conclude that it must be because he and Jane are getting along so well that she most probably suspects there is something going on between them. Masood decides to cook a romantic meal for his wife for their anniversary, but when she arrives home she bursts into tears. Masood comforts his wife and asks her if he's done something to upset her but she says that it's not him. Their conversation is interrupted when Zainab receives a phone call - she tells Masood, it's their suppliers.

Ian accuses Stacey of not paying for a cup of tea. Later, he finds out that Jane has been giving credit to the market stall staff. At first Ian is alarmed but he soon sees it as an opportunity to make more money.

Libby continues to harass Chelsea, she thinks she should tell Patrick that she wants to see Theo again. At the salon Tanya consoles Chelsea, also trying to convince her to give Theo another chance. Chelsea relents and meets Theo later giving him chance to reassure her that he didn't know about Tommy's real intentions when he was arranging the meetings with Patrick and apologises for the whole situation. Chelsea is surprised when Theo lets it slip that he thought that she would turn him down when he first asked her out. Impressed, Chelsea invites him back to her house.

Jack confronts Roxy about wanting to see Amy so Roxy tries to reassure him that he will be able to visit his daughter more often once Ronnie is feeling better. Jack becomes angry about the fact that he can't see his daughter just because Ronnie can't deal with it. Later Roxy revisits Jack and pleads with him to back off saying that she's just got Ronnie back and doesn't want to risk losing her again, but Jack is unmoved by her plea and demands that he speaks to Ronnie.

At the Vic, Roxy tentatively tries to break the news to Ronnie about Jack visiting Amy but blurts out that Jack is going for custody. A mortified Ronnie storms off to find Jack. When she does Ronnie ridicules his attempt to spend more time with Amy, she insults him and states that he is merely a sperm donor and has no part in Amy's life. Ronnie warns Jack off, telling him that she and Roxy will look after Amy from now on. Worried that she won't be a part of Amy's life, Ronnie then tries to force Roxy into making her Amy's godmother.

A sceptical Dot refuses to open the door to Nick when he turns up to the Square begging to see Dotty. Max interrupts him, and warns him to stay away. Dot reveals to Max that she feels old and that she's under tremendous pressure looking after Dotty. Max tells Dot that it was Lauren's first day back at school today, and she informs him that he's to blame for everything that's happened to his family.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3

Scared of finding out something's wrong with the baby Maria cancels her scan appointment at the hospital. As she sets about her day she tries to put it out of mind. But when Tony and Tom resume their bickering over Ladrags she snaps back, obviously unable to shake her nagging fears.

Over at the factory Luke's onto Tony's private investigator and decides to play him at his own game. Pulling on a Tony mask Luke throws eggs at the PI's car then disappears. The PI's cover is blown when a mask-less Luke then re-appears to wave at him. Tony's furious to hear his nemesis has got the upper hand once again. But as Luke prepares for his piece de resistance it all goes horribly wrong. It's not Tony but a startled Maria who walks into the factory as Luke jumps out in the mask. It's a stark reminder of the night Liam died that leaves both Maria and Tony having nightmares.

Teresa's still not making many friends on the street. Minnie's annoyed when she arrives late for work and when she then kicks up a fuss in Dev's shop he vows never to let his daughter marry Teresa's son.

Meanwhile Poppy's worried when Tara tells her she's planning a surprise for Dev. He's keen to know what she's got in store for him but has Tara got revenge in mind?

Over at the Rovers Steve and Becky return from the Maldives.

Ros na Run Tues and Thurs 8:30pm TG4

This week in Ros na Rún, Donncha is horrified to discover criminal Tina is back in the village. When she was caught drug dealing in a Garda sting, Tina gave false statements claiming that Donncha's innocent sister Ríona was at the heart of her husband O'Dowd's criminal empire. Donncha is disgusted to see criminal Tina walking free while Ríona is forced to hide out, fearing her life is under threat from her murderous ex-husband O'Dowd. Donncha rants about the heartache Tina and O'Dowd have caused his family, not realising Tina is pumping him for information on Ríona's whereabouts! Will Donncha accidentally blow Ríona's cover?

Meanwhile, Jason reveals just how far he'll go to make life hard for his father Tadhg. When Jason overhears Frances and Tadhg discussing renovations to make space for the new baby, he throws a spanner in the works by feeding Frances a sob story about how hard it is to find somewhere to live in Ros na Rún. Warm hearted Frances offers Jason the spare room over the pub, which Tadhg was planning to redecorate and use as the baby's room. How will Tadhg react when he hears about his new lodger?

During the week Adelaide's behaviour becomes even more erratic when she lies to her fiancé Mack about her whereabouts. Adelaide skips work to spend the afternoon with an elderly woman named Maggie in a nearby nursing home. Adelaide's secret visit to the home is almost exposed when Mack discovers that she called in sick and didn't turn up for school that day. How will Adelaide explain her lies to Mack without revealing who Maggie really is?
Elsewhere, broke Gráinne is under pressure to come up with some cash to pay off her mountain of debt to her flatmate Mo. Entrepreneurial Gráinne's get rich quick schemes don't go as planned, until inspiration comes from an unlikely source! Gráinne spots Séamus selling bottles of Poitín to a local farmer and comes up with the idea to set up a website selling the drink online. Will Séamus accept Gráinne's unusual business proposal?