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Defuzzing with Suzanne Walsh

Monday, 20 April 2009

There are so many hair removal methods to choose from- our consumer panel have been testing which are the best and Suzanne Walsh is in studio to show us how to use them.

Suzanne Walsh is here to wax lyrical on all you need to know about hair removal!

It's almost summer and smooth legs are the first step to a beach-tastic bod! Today our consumer panel are trying and testing all available hair removal kits, so Suzanne Walsh is in studio to fill us in on all the hairy details
The four ladies are trying out:-
1. Nair wax strips
2. The Boots Exfoliating Mitt
3. Veet hair removal depilatory cream (with spatula) and
4. The Venus vibrating razor

We see them in their robes sitting on the bed having a laugh before each of them heads off to road test their individual product. Each lady tries out one product- they don't all test all four. We see them reading instructions, applying/using products and then giving their opinions on how it worked and what the results were. We see individual product shots and each product will have an Aston.
Generally the girls were positive about the products; all seemed satisfied with the end result and would use them again.

Method One: Razor

Benefits to shaving:
1. Quick and easy.
2. No need to visit a salon
3. Instant results
4. Painless.
1. Risk of nipping and scraping the skin or more seriously removing skin along with the hair.
2. Only lasts for a short period.
3. Continuous use of shaving foam can cause sensitivity to the skin.

Tips on shaving:

1. Always exfoliate the area to be shaved to remove dead skin cells and prevent blocking up the razor.
2. Let the soap free shaving lotion get to work and soften the hair for a few moments before using your razor.
3. Never dry shave always wet shave using a soap free product to avoid irritation. Also products containing soap tend to make the skin rise making it much more likely to nip or scrap the skin
4. Rinse the razor continuously to avoid packing in between the blades. A blocked razor will result in uneven results and most likely nips and scraps.
5. Shave in the direction of hair growth.
6. Apply aloe vera lotion after shaving
7. Store your razor safely to avoid damaging the blades and always discard according to manufacturers guidelines.

Products needed for before/after care:
Exfoliating glove or mitt and exfoliating scrub. Dermalogicas Conditioning body wash (soap free) Aloe vera lotion

Method Two: Depilatory Cream
These contain chemicals that weaken the hair at the surface of the skin, so hair can be wiped away. Simply apply, leave on in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines then rinse away.

1. Inexpensive
2. Cheap and results last a bit longer than shaving generally about a week.

1. Can be messy, and takes time.
2. The smell can be off putting.
3. Not suitable for sensitive skins.

Tips on using depilatory cream with spatula:
1. Always do a patch test on a small area 24hrs before use.
2. If any irritation is felt then depilatory creams are not for you.
3. Cleanse skin thoroughly to remove any deodorant or body lotions.
4. Never exceed recommended application time.
5. Applying a cooling lotion after use like aloe vera.
6. Avoid make-up for 24 hrs if using on the face and apply an SPF 15 or above.

Method Three: Wax Strips
1. The results last for 2-6 weeks.
2. Re-growth is tapered and soft, taking up to six weeks to grow back

1. Can be painful and there's a risk of both pain and ingrown hairs.
2. Also hair must be left to grow until it's long enough to wax, so you have a time when the hairs have grown back.
3. If the hair is too short, it won't come out, or it will be removed patchily.

Avoid waxing if any of the following apply to you:

. Any disease of the skin
. Varicose veins
. Broken skin
. Bruising
. After exposure to the ultraviolet rays
. Hypersensitive skin
. Warts and moles
. Recent
. Scar tissue

1. Exfoliate dead skin cells to assist the wax adhering to the hairs. This will also help prevent ingrown hairs (Suzanne will briefly mention how to avoid and treat ingrown hairs)
2. Don't wear any body moisturiser on day of waxing or deodorant if treating the underarms.
3. Remove watches and jewellery from hands and arms before waxing
4. Place a bin with bin liner in a convenient position for wax strip removal
5. Protect working area by covering area to be used with an old towel.
6. Lay out waxing strips and cut strips to size if required.
7. Thinner strips are more convenient for smaller areas.
8. Have after wax lotion ready for use after treatment

Waxing tips
. Always place the waxing strip in the direction of hair growth
. Rub the waxing strip into the skin in the direction of hair growth.
. Leave a lip on your strip for an easy grip for your fingers and thumb
. Pull waxing strip off quickly and in the opposite direction of hair growth.
. Keeping the waxing strip quite low not pulling up and high as this is how bruising occurs.
. If the skin is a little clammy dust the area with talc this will assist with the easy removal of the strip. For very sensitive areas like the lip apply bonjela or 'no scream cream' 10 min before treatment to numb the area
. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe post waxing

. Wash or shower in lukewarm water
. Do not use soaps as this could irritate the skin
. Do not use any perfumed body lotions
. Do not expose the skin to ultraviolet light
. Avoid swimming or Jacuzzis etc
. After two days exfoliation of treated area is recommended to help prevent ingrown hairs.
. If ingrown hairs do appear treat with exfoliation and tea tree oil or lycons ingrown hair remover.

Method Four: Boot Expert Exfoliator Mitt
What is it?
Very similar to dark coloured sand-paper, this is a small mitt that covers your fingers like a glove and is used to rub off dead skin cells on your legs.
The mitt makes your smooth legs last longer between waxing or shaving. Rub the exfoliating mitt over your legs to smooth away rough skin, prevent ingrown hairs and remove early regrowth.
The fine white powder that appears is the natural accumulation resulting from the gentle grinding action, which removes hair and exfoliates skin.

1. Cheap
2. Easy to use.
1. It's only really useful for very early re-growth and is no good if you have hairy legs.
2. It's a great exfoliator however, so is worth the money just for that reason.
1. Skin must be dry, so that dead cells come off easily.
2. Without lifting the mitt from the skin surface, run gently in a clockwise direction, and the anticlockwise.
3. After treatment, rinse legs using cool water and apply a moisturising lotion or balm.
4. Mitt can be reused repeatedly, just rinse it off after each use.
5. Do not use on inflamed or broken skin.