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Anita Fennelly

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

An intimate account of life on a deserted Island.
One woman's transformation resulting from her stay on the Blasket Island back in 2000.

The book; Blasket Spirit
. Author: Anita Fennelly
. Publisher: Collins Press
. Price: €12.99
. ISBN: 978-1-905172-90-0

About the book:
. This book is a memoir of a time (a summer in 2000) spent in solitude and reflection on the Blasket Island.

. The author, Anita Fennelly, was seeking solitude following a personal crisis. She spent the summer alone on the Blasket Island and while there, wrote an account of her visit by candle light - there was no electricity on the deserted island.

. Anita lived in relative seclusion and reclusion. She used a deserted barn as her shelter, a bench as a bed and a sleeping bag as her cover.

. Anita met several people during her stay and formed a friendship with them. They were fishermen, Sue the Weaver, backpackers, ferrymen and even a former Taoiseach, Charlie Haughey, now deceased. (Mr Haughey later tried to attend Anita's daughter Holly's 1st birthday party when Anita revisited the island. Sadly, Mr Haughey was too ill to make it). Charlie Haughey owned the island of Inishvickillane, Co Kerry.

. This book charts Anita's time on the island by retelling the tales told to her by the people she encountered whilst there. Tales of ghostly goings on, love, betrayal; stories of entering womanhood and embracing it.