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Adam Brophy - The Bad Dad's Survival Guide

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Adam is here to talk to us about his life as a dad, as he waxes lyrical about the burden of being a parent in the 21st century.

The Bad Dad's Survival Guide book is launched tomorrow. .

As well Dad of two, Adam is a columnist with the Irish Times - Column is 'It's A Dad's Life' He is originally from Dublin, he now lives in Clonakilty, Cork with his wife and two daughters.

Adam Brophy is no stranger to The Afternoon Show couch as he was Adam was on before talking about giving up work to become a stay at home dad and spoke about giving up work, the financial difficulties the family faced due to this decision, the emotional changes, life as a house husband, balancing work and being a full time dad, dodging housework, and all the joys of being a stay at home parent.

Since Adam was last on the show he has written the book, 'The Bad Dad's Survival Guide.' Although Adam is a qualified psychotherapist, the book is written in a very tongue in cheek style and is of an adult nature.

Today Adam is here to talk about what life is like being a dad or a 'bad dad' as he calls it. From his experience of having kids from the conception to the sleepless nights, to meeting the kids' school principal for the first time and the drastic changes that accompany fatherhood - such as, wearing comfy trousers and eating Pringles on the sofa. And of course how becoming a dad is the most special and life changing event in his life.

'The Bad Dad Survival Guide'
The book, despite all the hazards it highlights about fatherhood, allows the fact that being a dad is great to shine through. Adam gives his views on parent/toddler groups, why parents think their children on the best, and how he doesn't bore other parents with tales, and what he thinks of showbiz parents!
Becoming a father means coming to terms with being the lowest point on the totem pole. You're so overwhelmed with love for this baby and a new type of love/admiration for the mother that your greatest fear is something could happen to either. You'll do anything to ensure this doesn't happen - as a result live on no sleep, and accept any any demand the child will make and any mood the mother has from one moment to the next.

The Bad dad's Survival Guide
Author - Adam Brophy
Publisher - Gill & MacMillan
Price - €12.99
ISBN - 978 - 0 - 7171 - 4556 - 0