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Control those Curls with Eddie Doyle

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Salon Secrets - How to control your curls at home!
Eddie Doyle, Hairstylist Supreme!
Eddie is proprietor of Perceptions Hair salon in Goatstown in Dublin: Tel 01 296 2722
He feels that "Hairdressing is the medium through which I can indulge one of my hobbies while making people feel and look better" (Irish Tatler August '08)

Look One
Naturally curly hair that is hard to dry/style into non frizzy curls without using tongs/straightening irons

Eddie's Tips for this type of hair:

1. Apply product to the end of the hair when wet.
2. Softly twist the ends to enhance the curl.
3. The best way to dry this type of hair is to let it dry naturally. This means the hair dries without any air/wind to create a frizz.

Product: Osmo range....Matt Sea spray €12

Look Two
This is the most common type of hair that has a natural kink that is neither straight nor curly. We are looking to bring out the kink in her hair without it looking messy. Most women have a kink in their hair but don't know how to make the most of it.

1. Twist random sections only once or twice improving the shape of curl whilst defining them also. (to demo)
2. Use the diffuser to blow dry hair. Dry the hair with the diffuser pointing downwards. A common mistake is for people to turn their hair upside down and this will create a fuzzy mane like look.

Product: Toni and Guy serum €12.65
L'Oreal Mouse €11.80

Look 3

Corkscrew curls that may be hard to manage, but not suitable for straightening.

Eddie's Tips for this type of hair:

1. Products are essential for this look.
2. Apply products when wet, after the towel dry and comb them through.

Product: Curl Cream L'oreal's Tec's Spiral slendor,€17.85

Golden rules for all curly chicks:
. Choose a shampoo for curly hair. Each type of shampoo is designed to cleanse, protect and nourish very different types of hair and some are lighter or heavier than others.
. DO NOT rub hair vigorously after washing. Squeeze dry the hair when wet.
. Don't brush or comb your hair with a wide tooth comb i.e.(afro comb) when wet. This will cause the hair to stretch and snap.