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Soaps Mon 30th March '09

Monday, 30 March 2009

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Dominic has been missing since the showdown in McCoy's. Carol is helping Tracey clear his things out of the house. Carol and Kylie clash because Kylie is in pragmatic mode versus Carol's emotional slash and burn approach to Dominic's belongings. Kylie argues that Dominic still has legal rights, therefore it's important not to act rashly out of emotion. Tracey insists on going back to work. Dominic phones McCoy's but Tracey ignores it. Carol wants Tracey to get a restraining order and go to the police. Kylie accuses Carol of bullying Tracey. Leo and Tracey agree it would be best for Dean not to find out. Unfortunately, Dean does find out and promptly lets his father and brother know that he's out to get Dominic. Leo tries to talk Dean down.

Kylie bumps into the shaken and apologetic Dominic who tells her he is just planning to collect his things. Dean spots them talking and runs to confront Dominic who drives away. Dean gives Kylie grief for engaging with her father but ends up comforting her. Dean tells Carol he saw Kylie with Dominic and advises her to get Tracey to move in with her temporarily, which she does. Tensions continue between Kylie and Carol based on their different approaches to the situation. Carol has confiscated Tracey's phone because Dominic keeps calling it. Kylie asks Tracey if it's ok for Dominic to visit their ex-home to pick up his things. Tracey accedes. Kylie makes sure to be there to prevent anything untoward and to ensure Dominic leaves. As she waits outside, Dominic uses the land line to call Tracey who picks up, expecting to hear Kylie's voice. Dominic says he's going to England, and that he just wants to know she's okay. Tracey lies to Carol and tells her it's Kylie on the phone. Tracey tells Dominic she's okay and hangs up.

Cliodhna tells Una she has found her an aid work position with Goal in administration, over in Sierra Leone, and a slot for Keith as a mechanic. Una is thrilled and tells Saoirse there's a whole other side to her Keith that most people never see. Keith tries to raise funds for his trip to Africa by selling his personal effects to Ray - with little success. Ray is dismayed that his friends are moving away so suddenly. Niamh complains to Paul that Caitriona is a lazy slacker, unable to rise on time for work. Rachel is shocked when Niamh and Paul tell her that Oisin, her brother is moving back in with them, to share with Sean. Caitriona covers when Duncan comments on her non-drinking.

Leo confronts Pete about his son Doug having broken Leo's windscreen. Pete responds cautiously, riling Leo who demands compensation from Pete who is smashed broke. Doug tells Pete it was Adam's teasing that prompted him to throw a rock which missed its target and hit Leo's car. Maureen offers to pay half the cost of a new windscreen but Pete can't even come up with his half. Later, Pete finds out that Maureen paid his half to Leo. Ray advises Keith to be fully honest with Una and let her know that he really doesn't want to leave Carrigstown. Una tells Keith Goal would not have accepted her, unless Keith's skills as a mechanic were taken into account. Niamh and Paul argue over the idea of starting their own family.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One

This Week: Preparations are underway for Peggy's hen night so Sal and Pat arrive early to get the party started, much to Archie's disapproval. Stacey is sceptical when Danielle says that she's attending the wedding as a bridesmaid. Seeing Ronnie later, Stacey probes her about who will be bridesmaid and as she suspected, Danielle is not one of them. Stacey later confronts a defensive Danielle about her delusions.

Faced with increasing pressure from Danielle, Archie claims that telling Ronnie that she's actually her daughter would push her over the edge as she's already too emotionally damaged. Danielle is reaching the end of her tether and tells Archie that she will in fact tell Ronnie herself. Cornered, Archie goes to see Ronnie, but realising the renewed bond they're developing, he rethinks. Archie calls Danielle and says that he's told Ronnie and for Danielle to meet him to discuss her response to the news. As he hangs up the telephone, Archie cuts a length of wire cable before testing its strength in his gloved hands. C/H

Janine offers to rent Peggy her sports car for the honeymoon as a peace offering but a suspicious Peggy throws the offer back in her face. Janine returns home furious, finds a killer dress before setting out to cause some trouble. Jack offers to babysit Amy while Roxy has fun at the hen party but Roxy is anxious about upsetting Ronnie ahead of the wedding,

Minty considers taking Manda to the wedding, but is worried he might scare her off with an official outing so soon. Typically Garry puts his foot in it when mentioning to Manda that Minty had thought it best not invite her, leaving Manda hurt. Having taken delivery of a large number of boxes for her new venture as a make-up lady, Jean begins to doubt herself. In an effort to bolster her, Bradley arranges for Jean to give Peggy a make-over for the hen night. Peggy, Sal and Pat seem pleased but Archie is quick to insult Jean's handiwork and a hurt Jean throws her make-up in the bin.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3

This Week:
As Peter wakes with a hangover Simon's fending for himself again, making his own breakfast so he's not late for school. When Peter then arrives to work late Michelle can see the state he's in. Fed up with his drinking and being left to run the bookies herself Michelle tells him to stick his job. It's another bad day for Peter and when he gets home he hits the bottle once more, telling a worried Simon he doesn't feel up to reading him a story. As Simon trudges off to bed alone, at the Barlow's Deirdre is urging Ken to accept that Peter's an alcoholic. Ken doesn't want to listen but his reluctance to acknowledge his son's problem could have fatal consequences. Over at the flat Peter's drifting off into a drunken sleep. His fingers loosen around his burning cigarette and it drops to the floor.

Elsewhere Tara introduces Dev to her star photographer Justin and tells him she's commissioned him to do some more pieces. Dev's inwardly cringing, knowing his previous pictures were bought by him not a customer. But Tara's furious with Dev when he tries to curb her enthusiasm.

Maria's annoyed that her plan to pair Natasha off with Tom failed when Natasha arrives back on the street boasting about spending another fantastic night with Tony. Struggling with her own irrational behaviour Maria's then frosty with Tony when he calls by to arrange a business meeting
Kirk tells Julie how he plans to get a job and save up to get them a place of their own but it's obvious Julie isn't really interested. Kirk's disturbed by her attitude but ploughs on regardless.

And Eileen has Paula round for lunch. But when Colin interrupts Paula can't wait to get away. Eileen can't understand her friend's strange behaviour.

Ros na Run Tues and Thurs 8:30pm TG4

This Week:
Mack has another run in with his former best friend when Donncha claims Mack is better off single! Mack can't believe selfish Donncha is still refusing to apologise for ruining his relationship with Adelaide after he made a drunken pass at her, and threatens to kill Donncha if he ever bothers him again! Things go from bad to worse when Mack returns home to find Adelaide collecting more of her belongings from their home. Determined not to lose the woman of his dreams, Mack asks Adelaide to marry him! How will Adelaide react to Mack's out of the blue proposal?

Meanwhile, Éamonn relives painful memories from the past and tells Caomhán, Bríd and Peadar about the terrible events leading to the death of his baby sister Brídín all those years ago. Éamonn reveals that on the day of his mother's funeral, he accused Peadar's mother of causing her death. Éamonn's father was furious with his ten year old son and locked him in his room, preventing him from saying a last goodbye to his dear mother. That night, young Éamonn took his little sister Brídín, wrapped only in a blanket for warmth, and ran away, trying to get to his grandmother's house. They spent a freezing cold night on the mountainside and weren't found until the following morning. Poor little Brídín died shortly afterwards and Éamonn was sent away, never to see his father again. How will everyone react to the tragic story of Éamonn's childhood exile?

THURSDAY, Jason can't accept that Tadhg, his selfish and brutal father, is now a doting father-to-be! Jason doesn't believe Tadhg is really in love with Frances and confronts him, accusing him of putting on a show to keep Frances onside until the baby is born. Tadhg makes it clear that he's not threatened by Jason and warns him not to interfere with his relationship with Frances, but should Tadhg be more concerned about getting on Jason's bad side, given how much his son knows about his chequered history?
Elsewhere, Peadar decides to dig deeper into the past and makes a startling discovery. Convinced that there's more to Éamonn's heartbreaking tale of how his baby sister Brídín died, Peadar tracks down Brídín's death certificate. How will Éamonn react to the shocking new information Peadar has uncovered about Brídín's death?