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Gardening Without Spending With Eugene Higgins

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Eugene has ten tips for us all to save money in our gardens

1. Join your local gardening club / gardening website where you can swap plants and learn loads free of charge from the members
2. With the garden owners prior consent, take cuttings from older plants

How to take a cutting:
Ordinary Cuttings

. Cut a stem at a joint at an angle (take a few as they all won't grow, usually one of three cuttings will grow)
. We then place that in a shallow tray
. Use soil from where they were initially grown and also compost
. Add rooting powder
. Give them a light watering

Water Cuttings
. Take a plant and cut a piece of stem, around 10cm long from the tip of the plant
. Remove all of the leaves from the step except for the top three leaves
. Place stem in water and make sure water is right to the top of the stem
. Keep in a semi - shaded area for a week
. When roots develop, move the stem to a slightly sunny area
. When roots have developed move into a pot half full of compost

1. After boiling eggs don't pour away the water instead let it cool then water plants with the nutrient filled water.
2. Feed all your house plants with black tea as its high in nitrogen great for growth.
3. Use banana skins to help plants flower, they're rich in potash, place and dig in around roses.
4. Shine up dirty indoor plants with the inside of Banana skins.
5. Rather than going out and spending loads of money on pest control, use garlic tea for control of pests. They hate the smell.
6. Use cardboard egg cartons for germinating your seeds instead of seed trays
7. Use plastic bottles as mini greenhouses. This is very easily done by getting large plastic bottles, cutting them in half and then turning them upside down to place over various plants.
8. Apply salt onto walkways and paths to kill off weeds.

Eugenes tip for the weekend
Epsom salts can be sprinkled on the soil around your roses as they bud up this week, this helps against black spot and makes them healthier as well.
. If you have €10 to spare, plant some colour in your garden, great suggestion - Yellow flowering shrub, Cytisus maderensis, €9.95

Plants supplied from Blackbanks Garden Centre, Raheny, Co Dublin 01 8327047.