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Catherine De Courcy - Author

Thursday, 26 March 2009

One Irish woman's story of surviving insurmountable grief following her husband's suicide.

He was a daring, handsome, army officer, she was an Irish girl - they met, married and lived the glamorous ex pat lifestyle; until his violent suicide at age 53.

John Johnson was a Vietnam veteran, devoured by post traumatic stress. Eventually, he found it impossible to go on living.

Following his violent suicide, his wife, Catherine, was left with an overwhelming grief.

Having bravely attempting to battle following the death of her much loved brother, this time Catherine decided she was going to take it on head first.

Book - An Adventure in Grief
Author - Catherine de Courcy
Publisher - The Collins Press
ISBN - 978 - 1 - 905172 - 87 - 0
Price - €12.99