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Consumer - Websites that help you stretch your cent with Tina Leonard

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tina will be discussing websites that help us stretch our cent. People are watching their money and are always looking for tips on how they can make their money go further so Tina will be directing our viewers to a number of websites that can help them do just that.

Tina will also give tips for people who are due to fly out of Dublin Airport next Monday. There is due to be a strike by SIPTU members from 4am - 12am and no flights will be able to take off.
We're all trying to save money these days, and as luck would have it there are plenty of websites out there that give us tips on how to do just that.

Here are some of them.

Eating / social*

CheapEats is a blog about eating well in Ireland while getting value for money. The site covers everything from cheap and delicious snacks, to high-end restaurants that are worth every penny. Features include: recipes; restaurant reviews; current bargains and tips for food shopping; news on food and the credit crunch; online resources for foodies; cookbook reviews; readers' recipes and tips. You can find the latest special offers in supermarkets, ideas for tasty, nutricious and cheap meals and competitions such as 'win a meal for two in Milanos'. It is maintained and edited by Jean O Brien and Peter Maguire. *

Set up by Dublin husband and wife team Seamus Brady and Ann D'Arcy, this is great site that brings you tips on how to save money across all areas from books to budgeting, food and drink to freebies and music, property and travel. It also has a huge amount of information on grocery prices, tips for saving money etc. Under the food and drink section there are 7 day menus so that if you are trying to save money on your grocery shopping you can buy only what's on the 7 day menu and it's very thrifty and also nutritious. There are also other articles on consumer relevant news and information.

If you have a choice of supermarkets near you then go on to either of these websites first to see what special offers are available and then tailor your grocery list to include these rather than other items.

A really nice thing about the two sites above is that they were all established and are run by individuals who just set them up because they are savvy consumers!

Financial *

Run by the Financial Regulator, this is the most comprehensive site for getting advice on, and comparing the cost of financial services such as all the types of insurance, personal loans and credit and savings and investments. Regular price comparisons are published allowing you to compare costs for car insurance, home insurance etc, so if you're thinking of switching provider look here first.


We have spoken about this websites before on the show.
This is the one for you if you are thinking of switching landline, mobile or broadband provider. Run by the Commission for Telecommunication Regulation the site allows you to enter your usage patterns for mobile calls, landline calls and broadband. The site responds with the best deals that suit you, so this is a must as your research when finding out if you can save money on your telecommunications.


The Power of One is a site dedicated to energy efficiency in Ireland and this is a great site for instantly showing you how much you can save on your energy bills. On the home page you can click a simple calculator that shows you how much you can save if:
a) You lower your thermostat by 1 degree - €100 per year
b) You swap 4 regular bulbs for CFCs - €20 per year
c) You never leave appliances on standby - €30 per year
d) Set the heat to turn off 30 mins before you go to bed and turn on 30 mins before you wake- €100 per year


This is the website of the National Consumer Agency and they have just added a new section called Consumer Value which you can access from the home page. They say his is a signpost to how to seek the best deals, from energy to telecommunication, from groceries to general shopping. Each section gives tips on how to go about getting the best deals and provides links to other useful websites.