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Monday, 23 March 2009

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Though Dominic is apologetic, Tracey is unimpressed. Tracey lets Dean know she may join his cookery classes. Tracey refuses to let Kylie engage her in negative chat about her Dad. Carol continues to advise Tracey to quit her failing marriage. Tracey gives Dominic an ultimatum: to seek counselling with her or she will leave.

Troy notes Leo is putting the moves on Maureen. Leo admits he's interested and that the situation looks promising. Troy tries to probe Maureen as to whether she is interested in Leo and concludes that she is. Leo asks Maureen out for a drink, irking her son, Adam. Maureen also has to reprimand Adam for being rude to Pete and Doug in the street. Doug challenges Adam for insulting his Dad and further provoked, smashes Adam's phone.

Pete tells Doug he can't afford to send him on the latest school trip. Doug pretends to Sean that he is not interested in going.

When Keith tells Robin he is swamped with work, Robin mentions she is interviewing a new female mechanic, Saoirse, shortly. Keith is taken aback by the attractive Saoirse when she rocks up on a motorbike she built herself. Robin grants Saoirse a two week trial and Keith meets up with Saoirse in McCoy's to tell her more about the garage and its personnel. When Una shows up, she is disturbed to discover that she knew Saoirse's sister, Evelyn in her school days. Una was part of a gang that bullied Evelyn who later had a breakdown and died at the age of twenty three.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One
This Week: Archie invites Ronnie to a family meal to mark Peggy coming home from hospital. Ronnie tells Archie she's not sure if she can pretend the past never happened and tells him that she always hoped one day her daughter would knock on her door. When Peggy gets home, Archie again asks her to choose between the wedding and the election. Danielle wants to tell Peggy who she is, but Archie stops her once again saying that Ronnie is unstable and claiming Ronnie told him she'd have killed herself if her daughter had ever come to find her. He tells Danielle to go home and she decides to, but changes her mind after talking to Charlie about Stacey and Jean. Peggy tells Archie she cares more about him than the election and tells him she's pulling out and that they're getting married. At the family meal, Ronnie says she'll come to Peggy and Archie's wedding. Everyone is delighted. Archie spots Danielle in the hallway. She tells him she can't turn her back on Ronnie and that she's not going anywhere until her mother knows who she is.

Theo brings the writer of the book he's researching, Tommy, to meet everyone at home. Tommy asks about Patrick's early days in London. All goes well until Patrick spots a newspaper article in Tommy's bag with the headline 'Girl dies in fire'. Furious, he throws Tommy out.

Billy worries when Jay won't go to school, or talk about his time on the streets. Peggy gives some money to Billy for a new suit and school uniform for Jay. Billy worries when Jay is late back home, but eventually Jay reappears having spent all the money on a suit for Billy.

Polly goes to see Tanya and tells her that Max found her, and that he should back off. Tanya is angry but Max and Abi accuse her of not telling them anything about Lauren. They have a takeaway together as a family

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3

This Week: Luke is enjoying lording it over Tony and constantly reminding him who is the boss and when a client comes in Luke schmoozes him with some football tickets winding Tony up even more. When Luke announces that the client has increased his order by 50% Tony is irritated even more by Luke's confidence. The day goes from bad to worse when Tony is forced to do a double take when he spots Rosie wearing Carla's cardigan and he has to rush out of the factory to regain his composure. Angry that Luke has put him in this position he decides to hire a private investigator to find out a little bit more about his new business partner. Meanwhile Natasha is delighted when Tony asks her round to his flat for a drink.

Maria is also feeling the effects of Carla's bid to rid herself of the past when she receives a letter saying she has handed over her share of Ladrags to Maria, she's unsure about accepting but realizes she needs the security for her baby. Peter has started the day with whisky for breakfast and is less than impressed when he discovers that Michelle has gone off to Ireland to look after her sick mum. Deirdre is concerned about his drinking but he tells her to back off and insists he can handle it.

Tara has yet to sell a piece of artwork and Umed reckons Dev is being taken for a ride but Dev continues to defend Tara and her gallery despite having private misgivings.
Bill is worried when Audrey tells him she wants the money back from the builder's yard. With business slow Bill doesn't know how he is going to find the 7.5K to pay her back.

Emmerdale Monday 7pm TV3

This Week: The Dingles realise that they must raise cash to renovate Tug Ghyll for Debbie. Lisa decides that Zak has failed her and takes control of the arrangements for Debbie's return. She's angered when Andy refuses to discuss joint access. However, when Gennie lets slip that Bob is keeping a wad of cash in the shop suggests they rob him. Reluctantly Zak agrees and they keep Lisa out of the loop. Will the Dingles succeed in robbing from their own patch?

Meanwhile, Nicola's change of address causes uproar in the King household. Jimmy admits that he didn't write the love letter, but does want Nicola to live with him. Carl is wrong footed when Jimmy asks his brother not to stand in the way of his happiness. After finding out that Sandy is the author of the letter, Jimmy thanks him for helping out. Nicola remains in the dark and happily moves her things over from Mulberry. Will Nicola discover that Jimmy isn't the Romeo he claims to be?

Elsewhere, Maisie convinces Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) to make Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) an improved offer for the cattle. Andy is pleased to strike a deal with Nathan, especially as it sees his rival having to grovel. Celebrating with a drink in the Woolpack Andy is taken aback when Maisie says she helped him. Andy doesn't thank her so Maisie takes a more direct approach to get his attention and turns up at Butlers with a celebration hamper. Tipsy the pair are having fun until she moves in for a kiss and he asserts he can't do this. Maisie is defeated and he asks her to leave. Can Maisie ignite the flames of passion in Andy?

. Gennie is annoyed to find that Brenda has dropped the price of her house to help Bob
. Gennie agrees to copy a wedding dress for Lexi