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Monday, 9 March 2009

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One
Ray, Niamh and Paul emerge from the courts visibly shocked after Barry suddenly reverses his plea to innocent. Ray tells Barry he's crossed an unforgivable line. Paul feels guilty that he may have been influential. Niamh and Ray break the news to Sean that Barry has pleaded innocent at the pre-trial. Barry tells Niamh his strategy was just to buy time so that he can find Annette and support her at this difficult time, but that he will plead guilty at the ultimate trial hearing in a month.

Tracey struggles to play happy families now that she and Dominic are back in town. Tensions between Dominic and Kylie are still fraught however and Dominic is in mean spirits generally. When Tracey gets to work there are a whole lot of surprises for her, with Bob and Renee gone, Louie as new owner, Christy as manager and Ali behind the bar. Tracey and Louie arrange a chat to discuss her prospects at McCoy's. In the interim, Christy realises Tracey's a lot more qualified than him so he tells her they can be co-managers. Louie threatens to kick Sinead out for eating her own packed lunch at the Hungry Pig and gives Dean a little grief for not policing the diner better.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One
Manda unexpectedly shows up at Minty's house, but rushes out as she makes a false presumption
Manda calls round to Minty's flat, after finding his address on the pottery class registration form. Minty is looking after Summer for Dawn and this takes Manda by surprise as she did not realise that Minty was a father. This throws Manda and she makes her excuses.

Later in the Vic, Phil and Minty discuss Manda's arrival on the Square and talk about how good-looking she was back in the day. Minty asks Phil if he would go for Manda now? Phil explains to Minty that romances are "never the same twice." Phil is off to Spain for a few weeks and tells Minty he should ask Manda out and not waste time.

Jack has given Roxy his credit card so that if she needs to buy anything for Amy she has money at her disposal. However, Roxy decides to go on an expensive night out to R&R using Jack's card. Ronnie is suspicious of where Roxy is getting her cash from, will Jack tell her the truth? Stacey tells Danielle that she has to finally tell Ronnie, that she is her daughter. Paul confronts Danielle and tells her that he know she had an abortion. Jean is back on the Square and is keen for Stacey to get her social life back on track. Billy is working hard doing odd jobs for Ian and Patrick but Jay is taking a more unconventional route to make money. Manda pays Minty a visit at the flat. Zainab and Ian are at loggerheads over their business venture, however Masood and Jane find a real connection.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3
Fed up of Peter's lies and his drinking a tearful Leanne says her good byes to and leaves the street for a new job in Leeds. Peter pleads with her to stay but after smelling alcohol on his breath, Leanne is more determined than ever to leave Peter behind.

Joe is feeling pressure from all sides. David wants him to give him his job back now he has the new kitchen contract but Joe is worried that he hasn't even got the cash to buy the raw materials for the job. Gail tries to help Joe out but he is too proud to accept and throws the offer back in her face. Eventually Joe can take no more and decides to pay Len a visit to get the deal back on track - just as David walks in and finds them shaking hands.

Emmerdale Monday 7pm TV3
Maisie is unnerved that Nathan's career is souring whilst hers languishes at the Woolpack. After speaking with Val, Maisie tells Mark that she is enjoying working at the pub and would love to be landlady. Mark is unsure and his hesitation upsets Maisie. Putting his reservations aside Mark shares Maisie's aspirations with Val. She puts two and two together and tells Pollard that Mark has offered to buy the Woolpack. The pair of them jump the gun and tell Mark to name his price, only for him to reject the opportunity. However, after watching Maisie excel on her day shift, Mark reconsiders. The sneaky trio agree not to share the secret, even with an unsuspecting Diane. Can Val sell the Woolpack behind her sister's back?